Sunday, June 10, 2012

Just Jog.

29 miles - Long run from hell. I spent Sunday in Estes/Rocky Mountain with my parents, and neglected to drink any water. I mapped out a road route up Sunshine Canyon to Gold Hill, and back around to Boulder Canyon. Met Mom and Dad at the Bald Mountain Overlook for a sandwich and a refill on my water bottles. Most of the climbing was over, so I thought the worst was behind me. Before too long, I was severely dehydrated- "pissing brown" dehydrated. I had a bandanna full of ice cubes around my neck and still felt hot. I could feel the Sun burning my skin as I ran down Gold Run Road for what seemed like forever. I could barely maintain a running gait. I knew GU without water would just make for a case of gut rot, so I pushed on until I got out of the Canyon or found water. I found ditch water, but opted just to pour it on my head instead of ingesting it. Finally found the Boulder Canyon and hopped the Creek Path home. The route had a little over 4500' of climb(does that mean 9000' of vert? I'm a bad blogger, I don't even know how to put up my boastful numbers). I found out after returning home that it was well over 100degrees in the canyons. I re hydrated, ate a leftover burrito, and took my parents to the Lazy Dog for nachos. Possibly the closest I've come to an actual "situation," and a completely botched long run attempt, but I felt fine the next day, so all is well.
Heading from the Bald Mountain Overlook, About 9 miles in.

AM - 4 miles - Took my mom to go have a look at the Prairie Dogs. I couldn't really achieve "cruising pace," so I was glad to just call it a day at 4 miles. Listen to the body, listen to the body, etc. A little hiking around Rocky Mtn with the parents, but nothing substantial. I ate "Mexican Chocolate" ice cream, which was some sort of chocolate with hot sauce in it. For those of you that aren't lactose intolerant, but would still like ice cream-induced diarrhea

7 miles on Flagstaff. Felt good, but my right ass cheek was a little sore for some reason. Ran up the trail to the summit, took a loop on the trails near the visitor's center and headed down via Gregory Canyon. Met up with Dave to look at trailwork for my volunteer hours. He was kind enough to give me a ride home since I had an armload of trail tools. Hoping for more mileage later in the day....and didn't get out.

11 miles - Left in an early afternoon rainstorm to jog up Green. For some reason or another, I made it my fastest trip to the summit since last year, or maybe ever. 1:05 from my house to the Chatuaqua meadow to Gregory Canyon, up the Ranger trail to the summit. I ran 95% of the trail, save for the parts where a high, strong step is favored for a faster approach. A real breakthrough run that makes me feel less like a portly, fro-headed wannabe. I felt like I was in "the zone" or some sort of "flow state," where running was as easy as walking, and I never wanted to stand still. I felt like I was being pulled up the hill by wind. It rarely happens to me, so I just go with it when it hits. My heart rate was rediculously high, but it felt nice and smooth. Most runs leave me feeling a sinking "oh shit, I'm supposed to run 100miles at this pace" feeling, but this had me thinking "Bring it, Tahoe."

AM - 4 miles -  Bright and early for a track workout. 8x300 with about 50seconds rest. These reps were short enough to allow me to just hop in with the group and hold on. First 300m was 56 seconds, and each one got faster from there, down to 50seconds. Sprints of less than 400m are fun because I can relax and focus on feeling light on my feet. I biked to and from the track, which helped immensely. The all uphill bike ride there was enough to loosen my legs, but didn't fatigue them. I felt pretty springy after the workout, which tells me that I should have done a couple more reps and/or done them faster...but I probably would say that regardless, right?

...just busted out the pace calculator...I ran sub FIVE pace? I know it was less than a quarter mile, but hey, I didn't think my legs could move that fast for even a few seconds. Cool beans.

PM - 3 miles - Hotter than two rats humping in a wool sock. 25 minute shakeout run because I was bored. I went back inside to be bored again and type this little synopsis. Maybe I'll do run #3 when the sun goes down.

AM - 6 miles - a couple hours of speedy hiking at the Chatuaqua with Sam, and later joined by Cat. 98 degrees made for some hard work even at a quick hiking pace(also probably the coolest of the late 90's boy bands of my pre-teen years, if I had to choose).
View from the Saddle Rock Trail. None too shabby.

Sam having a look over the city

neck coolers don't work when made of moisture wicking stuff. Just looks like really small dickey.
I don't mean to make any excuses...but this helps explain why I'm pumped to run 12min/miles sometimes.

AM - 33 miles - Out the door at 5:20 to get some miles in before the group run. From home to the Chatauqua, then the Mesa out to Bear Canyon and back to Mesa. I probably should have chosen a less technical route with less climbing since I was shooting for a high mileage day, but adventure calls. Had a feeling I'd see cool animals, but alas. Met up with the group just in time. 12 miles with the group on the trails and roads near Chatauqua. Added 4 on the Mesa again with with a few others who wanted to run longer. Shanahan ridge, then the streets back to home. Despite eating only a bannana, two three GU's, and a little Gatorade, this run went well and gave me a little confidence. About 8000' of climbing all day. As usual, the wheels fell off right at the end, but with such a caloric deficit, I knew I had it coming.

Being able to run ultra distance casually and somewhat proficiently gives me a little shot in the arm as far as my ability goes, but I need to get my nutrition in check for Tahoe. I know I can NOT bullshit my way through this one, so I might have to set up a system to make sure I eat and drink. If I can keep a steady intake of calories, electrolytes, and water, I might have a shot at finishing this thing ambulance-free.

PM - 10 miles - Call me vain, but I wanted my hundo, dammit. Set out to just do three because my legs felt like ass soup when I was walking around the hippie yoga festival thing with Sam in search of free samples. We got duped into buying some tasty green stuff to alkalize our bodies...damn gypsies. Wait, what was I doing again? Oh, right. My jog:

2 miles to the Boulder High track. Decided to try a 400m effort, but felt good, so I stretched it out to a mile. My 36th mile of the day was a 5:39(timed with a watch/track, not Garmin). Not much for me to complain about there. I stopped back at the house to tell Sam I was feeling good and was going out for more. Cruised the rollers on the bike path in the dark. I felt good, and noticed my last mile was a 6:30. Cooled down an extra mile and called it a day.

Total: 101 miles. I've been after this milestone for a while now, and to have two long runs and two track sessions in there makes it that much cooler. I don't think I've done a 100+mile week since December(125), and this felt good. I know I'm always saying that mileage is irrelevant in the big picture, but I think recovery from such weeks are good indicators of fitness. I'm waking up with a subtle reminder that I ran the previous day, but not any actual achy joints to speak of. This tells me that I'm training at the threshold. When I can run more volume and still feel this way, I will. Until then, I'll bask in the glory of triple digits and have a beer.

Salud, y'all.


  1. AK is going to be ticked when he sees who stole his shades...

    1. Dammit. I guess I'll have to actually check his blog occasionally, to make sure not copy to him. I will, however, venture the guess that he didn't get his from Target.

  2. Clearly, you're both big-ballin' AND shot-callin' at this point. reading that sunday schedule made my feet hurt.

    1. I'll throw up a pic of 20'' blades on my Subaru Baja.

  3. Hey, thanks for nothing! The 1st thing that popped into my head when I saw the title "Just Jog" was the song "Just Dance" and now that has been stuck in my head all week on all of my runs. Not that I ever listen to that kind of stuff, you know, like I probably heard it at the gym or something.... ummm, anyway, thanks!