Sunday, May 20, 2012

4 miles - 30 minute shakeout to recover from yesterday's 31 miler. I felt good, with no soreness to speak of in my legs. Where I felt fatigued was my core- back, abdominals, and glutes. I'll take this as a good sign that I'm running a form that stresses the "endurance" muscles and spares the structures that are further away from my middle(I do love me some chirunning). I typically test for recovery by running a mile or two on flat ground or gently rolling hills wthout looking at my watch. After I finally feel warmed up, I have a gander at the GPS watch. For me, between 7:40 and 7:20 is comfortable for an easy run. I considered myself recovered and called it a day. Restng on Monday worked well last week, so I figure I'll try it again.

40 minutes on the bike for work, and leading water aerobics. I live like a dirtbag, but at least I get some training in and lots of enjoyment out of my job.

AM - 10 miles - From home to Gregory Canyon, then the Long Canyon trail up to the road. I felt sort of dizzy and sleepy on this run, but managed to steadily make it up with minimal walking. I was tempted to take the West Ridge Trail to the Green Summit, but really want to work up the gumption to catch the Tuesday Night Tempo run after work. 10 miles and +/-2600ish feet will just have to do for now.

PM - 7 miles - I did the interval workout I was supposed to this morning. 2 mile warmup, which ended up going well. The second mile of the warmup was a 6:40 on a rocky path next to the greenway. I then started the interval session of 5x3:00. Oddly enough, the intervals that felt slowest were the fastest, and vice versa. Slowest was 6:10/mile, fastes was 5:35/mile pace. I know I should be running faster, but since I also had a good morning run, value the workout as a supplement to the volume.

On my 2 mile cooldown, I felt my Nike Streaks giving me a blister. At first I was pissed, then I looked ahead of me and saw a guy running barefoot. Here I was a guy who has actually worn a nametag with "Barefoot Jesse" on it as VIP guest at a barefoot running event, and I had to be reminded to take my damned shoes off. Clocked a 6:30 mile barefoot on my cooldown. This may be wishful thinking, but I think I'm doing something right here.

AM - 9 miles - "This may be wishful thinking, but I think I'm doing something right here." When will I learn. Woke up tired, and never really woke up on the run. I knew when I couldn't even get under 9min/miles on the road to the trailhead that I was in for it. Decided just to hike/run to the Flagstaff Summit and take a rest day. Nothing really hurt, but I was feeling sleepy. I actually yawned while running up a mountain. Yesterday was a day of quite significant training merit, with a strong, steady climb in the morning and a smooth, fast(ish) tempo run at night. Balancing it out with a rest day just makes sense I suppose. That didn't make it hurt any less when a couple runners disappeared up the trail.

...still on pace for a...70 mile week? Oh shit, I'm in trouble.

AM - 14 miles...or was it 13? No watches on Ely, Archie, or me, so it was a map guessing game. Archie is a dog, so the blame can only be shared two ways. Headed up to the Sourdough trail, which goes up to about 11,000 feet, most of it above 10,000. A great change of scenery and some truly higher altitude running was just what I needed to shake the funk off from yesterday. Stopped in Nederland for pastries and coffee afterward. Must find a way to maintain this lifestyle.

PM - 6 miles - 3 miles to work, helped out at Special Olympics Swimming, then 3miles home. I felt pretty spry on the way there with a low 7min/mile pace, but totally dragged ass on the way home. Great day of running with no aches or pains to speak of.

I forgot to run. I just posted about being present and giving life your all, and I spent my morning reading a book next to the creek. Maybe relaxing a day is me giving relaxing my all.

18 miles - My place to Chatauqua, then Gregory Canyon to Green's Summit. The reconstructed Green Bear Trail to the West Ridge, then Bear Peak. Drank a beverage, then reversed course. Long, arduous hike/run in the thunderstorm. With all stops for pictures, views, and hanging around on the summits(I did a lot of that today), I was in the mountains for 4.5 hours. No need for speed today. Focused on strength and some quiet reflection. Today would have been my cousin Michael's 29th birthday, had he not been killed in a car accident 5 years ago. I struggle with the fact that I'm older now than he was when he died. The trail has run cold, and now it's time to find my own.

A gloomy beautiful day at the Flatirons.

From Gregory Canyon

The super mellow, non-technical reincarnation of the Green Bear Trail

Green Mountain from the Bear Mountain West Ridge Trail

Bear Peak Summit, covered in fog. 3100ish' down is Boulder

AM - 12 miles(ish). 1.5 hour run with the Club. Much like my college days, meeting with the club for their long run is more of a tempo effort. That's the beauty of being a sloppy ultrarunner. They run a hilly half marathon in and hour and a half and call it an easy long run. It wasn't easy, but it wasn't all that uncomfortable either. Good company and a good run around the Res. I'm realizing that as much as I love running the steep and technical, Good ole' fashioned leg speed is going to get me ready for Tahoe. I think finding a balance between slow, strength-building summit tagging and "comfortably uncomfortable" rolling hills will be the secret. They help build strength for one another.
...and now some high altitude hiking with my lady.

PM - 10 miles (HIKE) - Sam and I had the afternoon off, so we drove up the canyon to Eldora and hiked up to Devil's thumb. 5 miles and 4000'ish feet of climbing. The Camera, of course, was left in the car. We were met with snow around 11000,' so it's not runnable just yet. The hike was a good balance of the speedier morning session. I know, it might be questionable to some of you that I'd count hiking, but if there's no training merit in a 4.5 hour walk up and down boulders at altitude with a 35lb pack on, then I'm not sure why my legs are so sore. A great day on the trail, regardless.

Total for the week: 90 miles

Funny how it keeps working out to round numbers. If I posted on running2win or some other training log, I probably wouldn't count the hike, but the best part of being the only one who uses(and probably the only one who reads) this blog, I take liberties.

Another decent week down. Every time I've tried a 100+ week, I'm left in ruin. That being said, I've never put together training month this consistent and injury-free either. We'll just keep playin' it by ear. Consistency pays off, or at least that's what I've been told.

Quite a few of my friends ran the Born to Run Ultras this weekend, or will be running Pineland Farms next weekend. Great job and good luck!


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  1. You are killing it dude. I have become a huge believer in consistency, now if I could just find the volume like you have.