Sunday, May 13, 2012

An Actual Training Week

3 miles - Total "fluff run," despite doing it in just under 21 minutes. Some easy skankin' on the Boulder Creek Path while Mr. Marley played on my ipod. I've designated monday as my rest day. Races are on the weekends, so getting in a pattern of recovering on mondays and doing easy runs makes sense for now. Glad I had some colder weather running gear. 90 on Saturday, 40 on Monday. I love the mixed bag of weather lately.

AM - 15miles - A royal fuckup, but I made some lemonade out of the lemons. I intended to meet the Club for an interval session, but got lost on my jog to the meeting place. I had no watch and no phone, so I was screwed. I had water and a single GU with me, so I decided to do a fartlek run in the residential foothills area for a couple miles. I found a trail access point to get me into the Mountain Park, so I picked up the pace on Shanahan Ridge. The rest of the Mesa Trail and the streets home served as a cool down. Twice I've run pretty rugged trails in my MR00s. For better or worse, I have to accept that running trails in those is heavenly. I love the moccasin like feel and super flexible sole. It's a tradeoff between the occassional sharp intrusion of the MR00s and the occassional ankle rolling of the MT110. I'm bringing both to my next ultras. If I keep my wits about me, I'm faster and more confident in less of a shoe.

...Bagged the PM tempo run in lieu of a more conservative approach: homemade pizza and some Oberon Ale.

AM - 14 miles - Casual mid/long run from my place to Mount Flagstaff. A loop on the Tenderfoot trail. Aptly named on this particular day. I need to put my plated shoes back on. Slowly getting better at sustained climbing. Yesterday was supposed to be a shorter day, and today was supposed to be a longer day, but My little fartlek faux pas of getting lost in suburbia altered my schedule. Still a nice romp around some smooth trails. and about 3000ft of climbing.

...Bagged the shakeout in lieu of a bike ride because of an invite to run a couple peaks tomorrow morning.

AM - 14 miles (rough estimation- GPS died midway)- slept in a little, and met Ely for a jog at Chatauqua. We both experienced one heck of a low today, he more than me(for a change). Mesa Trail out to South Boulder Peak, then to Bear Peak. Bear Canyon down and the Mesa back. Lots of time on our feet today, but we were hurting for some reason. Possibly heat and intense sun related. We ran out of water and splashed ourselves in the creek to get back. This route isn't typically a ball-buster for either of us(meaning that we can trudge up it without constant breaks), but some days are just like that. Still tagged two summits, one of which I've never been on before. Biked home and drank water until I got nauseous. Ramen, bowl of fruit, and beans for recovery.

Don't I look like an ass by putting "AM," implying I'm going to run again?

6 miles(?) - Tempo run + hill repeats - 20 minute warmup, 2k tempo run, then 5x60seconds on the Julliard hill near the rec center. Finally got myself to the group workouts. It still amuses me that I can run at my own pace on mountain trails for 3+ hours without issue, but my legs explode when I really push it. So far, this week has been a good balance of slow strength building and "beyond comfortable" speedwork.

7 miles - Recovery run from Friday's speedier efforts. To and from the Rec Center for work. Nothing special, all roads and bike paths. Feels good to do 7 miles and feel recovered. Prepping for the next day's long shuffle.

31 miles - Long run day. The club was meeting in Superior for their long run, so I thought I'd jog to them, run as much as I felt like, and run home. Little did I know that the meeting place was just under 10 miles from my house. Lack of preparation leads to bonus miles. I made it just in time to start the run (after getting lost, jumping in with a different group of folks, crossing a cow pasture, and awkward standing about). We ran a non-technical trail, but the hills were still tough. Nothing steeper than the average mountain road, but the mud and clay made for a fun time as I slipped ad slid in my MR00s. I stopped to use the bathroom, then decided to make the run go by faster by catching my group. Dipped below 6 minute pace for almost a mile before catching up...then my legs hurt. We got back to the parking area, I shook some rocks out of my shoes, and jogged to a sandwich shop to grab an egg and cheese bagel and a Mountain Dew(Hey, joining a track club doesn't mean I'm still not a hobbyjoggin' dirtbag). Lone country miles on rolling hills on the reverse route home. The only walking I did on the whole run was to adjust my pack and take in a view of the mountains from afar. The overall pace for the run was just about 7:45, which I'll shut up and be happy with minimal excuses and bellyaching.

90 miles

This was my first "semi structured" week of training. The rest days were planned, the speedier sessions were balanced out with easier efforts, and the volume remained adequate. I feel great after the Sunday training run, so I'll rest up on monday and try for another good week.


  1. I'm with you on the shoe conundrum. I have a pair of 110s, but honestly, the 4mm heel is kinda odd for me, and the lateral forefoot bump is massive. So I basically do everything in the Saucony Hattori, up to 50 miles on trail so far. That said, I'm pretty interested in this:
    The zero drop model could be a nice compromise between flatness and protection.

    1. Those inov8s do look sweet. I must have the right shaped foot for NB's, or just be too dumb to notice that bump. I've read lots of reviews of people talking about it. For $70, I can't complain about the 110s too much. I'm anxious to try out Columbia's new minimal trail shoe, the Ravenous Lite. It's 5mm drop, but it still looks like a good shoe. Over more rugged stuff, I hardly notice anything under 8-10mm

    2. Perhaps your ankle just doesn't roll in much, so the slant isn't apparent to you? In any case, it's cool that you like the shoe as much as I wish I did. I think that the Ravenous Lite looks promising, as does the Vertical K from La Sportiva. But honestly, I live in Kansas. I probably don't need a mountain running shoe to run river and lake trails. And on some level, I kinda like sticking with the "bareshoes", since it makes people more impressed with my finishing in that awkward gap between the true front runners and the midpack.

    3. Heard that. I often forget when I read others' shoe reviews that I'm on the other end of the scale. The majority are "bare-curious" types that warn away from MT110-like shoes because they are dangerously minimal. People like you and I look at the 110 and it's competitors and think "do I need THAT much shoe." This was especially true when I was in Michigan. The Minimus trail and Fivefinger Treks were the most I used for trail running.

  2. oberon! you dog! nice week.

    1. I trucked it across state lines when I came back from MI, for a friend who paid handsomely and threw in a little extra for me. That particular situation made my purchase of the Smokey and the Bandit soundtrack absolutely mandatory. West Bound and Down!