Sunday, April 22, 2012

Week 2: Sequels are never as good

Mornin' - 17 miles - Planned an awesome route this morning. Flagstaff to the Green Mountain Lodge to Long Canyon to West Rigdge to GreenBear to Bear Canyon to Mesa to Chatauqua to Gregory Canyon. I  swear each mile of this place has it's own name. The route is on the easier side, hooking lots of runable climbs to smoove descents. The backside of the mountains still had a few inches of snow from last night. And me without my YakTrax. One habit I'll have to break to increase performance is stopping so much to look around. I sort of just...forget to keep running. I suppose in this preliminary base building phase, longer shuffles and time upright are most important. Maybe tomorrow I'll do a shorter, steeper run.

Afternoon - 30 minutes of biking, and some water aerobics. Yes. Water aerobics. Don't hate. I teach a class. Loosens up my tight legs and provides a little resistance too, so judge away! I think it was one of those unnoticed things from last Summer that kept me healthy. I've been hurt more from rusting than breaking. I keep putting the "AM" and "PM" on my log in hopes that it will prompt me to double and head out for a jog around town, but alas, I made soup and listened to reggae music. Still about 4hours of exercise on the day. which is a hell of a lot better than when I was home.

Morning - 6 miles - interval work.
 2 mile warmup
2 mile cooldown
Kind of a rough estimate for mileage, but I think its a conservative guess. I didn't bother setting my watch up for intervals. Nice headwind on the return trip, so I slowed a little. Still around 6:00/mile overall for the intervals. Since I had a long jog the day before, I'll take a little comfort in the fact that my legs weren't sore and I was able to go sub 6min/mile for a bit. Even uptempo runs like this are tough solo. I took more rest than I should have between efforts. Something to work on for next time.

Afternoon - 5 miles of slightly fast running on the Boulder Creek Path. Headed west for 2.5 of slight,constant uphill, then picked up the pace on the way home with a little help from gravity. 7:20 pace with warmup and cooldown included. Double fast(er) runs felt pretty good today. Hopefully some fresh legs will await me in the morning.

Approx. 40 minutes of cycling thrown in too.

0 miles. Woke up feeling sick. I kept putting the run off until I felt better, but the day slipped away. Still meandered downtown to the bookstore and rode my bike to run some errands, but no actual running. Some might call it a hangover, I'd rather call it a...well, hangover I guess.

AM - 10 miles - Stroll up to Gregory Canyon, Flagstaff trail, then over to the Saddle Rock trail via Greenman.
I'm 90% sure that this is the reason it's named the Greenman trail.
The standard 40 minutes of bike commuting.
PM - 12 miles - an 11 miler with an additional mile thrown in there. I had to go around CU's campus because the police kept people out. Festivities and all that from the 4/20 "holiday." Flagstaff to May's point, down Gregory Canyon to Chatauqua. Though I hadn't eaten in a while, I felt a little sharper on this run. Though I really dislike heat, I'll have to make sure to do afternoon runs when it gets hot to get some heat training in. Biked around town for 30 minutes or so.

0 miles Coaching a Special Olympics Swim meet kept me off the trails today. An 8 hour workday?!? How absurd. Still got about 40 miniutes of cycling in as a commute, but that's about it.

10 miles - A super slow shuffle up Mt. Flagstaff to my favorite lookout spot. Just wasn't feeling well. Nothing hurt, and I didn't feel sick, but just sort of "off". I sat there in the sun, wondering why I felt so down and sluggish. I realized that was alcohol.
40 minutes(ish) on the bike.

60 miles of shufflin'
6ish hours on the bicicleta cruising around town.

Despite the low number, the week wasn't without it's merit. A rather long training run felt great, I followed it up with two speedy efforts the following day, and I still managed 12 miles a day with two rest days. If this is my lowest week until I start tapering, I think I'll be ok.
As one could infer, the week kind of got sloppy. I've learned a few things about myself that will help for training in the future, provided I don't have to keep learning them over and over.

- Breakfast should just be eaten after the run. Even on days where I ran 2-2.5 hours, I still subsided on a couple GUs and felt fine. On mornings when I ate breakfast, it was difficult to get out the door afterwards. I like to wake up on my way to the mountains. The jogs up there have been slow, and don't require a gutful of toast, coffee, nutella, and fruit.

- No coffee before the run. I'm not sure what's changing with me, but my "garbage disposal" days seem to be coming to an end. I don't get sick and vomit, but the body's starting to speak up about what it wants.

-Both days this week that I haven't felt like running have been preceeded by nights of overindulgence. I couldn't say whether its a lingering effect of altitude, a change in my body, or my current(rather lonesome) living situation, but I think I'll lay off the sauce for a while. Without the external motivation of others asking me to run, I'm all I've got. If something is draining my motivation, I'd better leave it alone.

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