Sunday, March 11, 2012

Forward Movement, Gradual Improvement

Started the week off not running.

7 miles - Nice road run around the house in the sun. You would think that knowing how the weather impacts your mood would make the weather impact your mood less. Not so much. Shorts and a long sleeved shirt made the run feel great. Considering that it took less than 50 minutes(Forgot to wear a watch, but noticed when I left and returned), It must have been a well rested effort to take it easy.

To start building some mountain strength, I did step ups on the tailgate of my truck for 2 minutes immediately after the run. That'll hurt tomorrow(yes, I'm that out of shape).

1 miles - Just enough to get a run in in my new MR00s, or whatever the new flat Road Minimus is called. Nice! Working 1-11 is enough to eat up a whole day. Good day to start the countdown to quittin' time. Damn step ups from the day before actually hurt. Not while running, but dammit if it didn't make climbing on and off a forklift painful.

10 miles - One of the most effortless 10milers I can remember. No watch, just trying to find a "comfortably strong" pace and glided down the roads. I'm not usually a huge fan of road running, but some rolling hills on dirt roads and a little two-track running made of one nice jog this morning.

10 miles - ...maybe 9. Whatever. Met up with Ephraim and Evan for a long overdue track session. 2.5 mile warmup, 6x800m with 200m rest in between, and 2.5 miles back to Evan's. All the 800s were under 2:50, so 5:30-5:5:40pace. We ran them all progressively faster, starting with a 2:49 and working down to 2:44ish. Evan kicked my ass and dropped a 2:40 on the last one.

Runs like this make me realize that I'm just a little weird. Quietly running single file on the track at these speeds makes me anxious. I feel as though I could run just as fast if I relaxed and smiled. I'll have to experiment with that. Since my goal is not to actually get faster at track racing, I'll just take the workouts for what they are and try to enjoy them. Maybe I'm just destined to be on the upper end of the jogger scale and not break into runner territory. Good run followed by delicious vegan pizza at Brickroad Pizza(I'm not vegan, but this was awesome).

7 miles - A little recovery from the trackwork. Nothing hurt, and I ran at my normal recovery/base pace. Felt pretty smooth, even in a nasty headwind.

27 miles - Met up with Dr. C for a leisurely paced, flat road run around Spring Lake and on some dirt backroads of Grand Haven. Kept the pace pretty casual, somewhere around 7:45/mile. We never really made a conscious effort to speed up and just ran along. First shirtless run of the year. Awww yeah. We had 26 miles, but wanted the full Mary. We jogged just long enough to need water, so we went to a bathroom to fill bottles. Great run and great times. We even did 13 pullups each for the sake of extra manliness.

62 miles on the week. It's a little sad that I'm so proud of this, but whaddaya do? I worked 50 hours this week as well, so I'm happy. At least my motivation is back!


  1. Tailgate of your truck? At first I envisioned you jumping onto a tailgate of a ford F-150, then I remembered you had a Subaru... HA!
    How are you liking the mr00's? I went down to gazelle the other day to find them and try on the merrell road gloves but they didn't have the nb's yet. I want some road sneakers... I hate runnin the road in my trail gloves.

  2. Don't blow my cover, Jeff! I was trying to look like a badass. Nobody needed to know that by "truck" I meant my little Asian El Camino. HA!

    The MR00s are great shoes. The skin on the lateral side of the arch of my feet needed a little toughening, but after a week in them, It nicely callused. If you like the fit of the trail gloves, but want a little better road manners, give the Road Glove a try. Gazelle is cool about letting you test them. I'd do a mile or two in each one. Can't really go wrong with either in my book, but the NB minimus last fits my foot shape just a little better.

  3. with a 50-hour workweek, that is a great training week, too. kudos. (remember Kudos? they were so good. where the hell did they go?)

  4. aawww yeah, Pat! the m&m Kudos were currency at my school! Plus they were "granola bars," so they're good for you.