Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Glimmer

26.2 miles - Technically it was two 13.1 mile runs as my commute to and from work. They were both PM runs, so I stick to my arbitrary and ever-changing book keeping rules. The run to work was freezing, as I feared permanent damage to my Brooks Infinity III- clad schwantz. The lakeshore was so cold that I ducked into the Lakeside Neighborhood to keep warm.

The run home was much more pleasant. I had warmer clothes with me, and I was able to stick to the lakeshore. It was quiet and peaceful, which is nice after a 8.5 hours of running a hissing sandblast machine.

Not a bad way to start a week. I'll try to make this a weekly occurrence, but we'll see. It's awfully flat, and boring if I'm not in the right mood.

I don't think I ran on this day. Getting home at 12:30 and staying up until 2am drinking beer caused me to nearly oversleep for 2nd shift. Dammit.

4 miles - rolling hills and a short run around the house. Not a lot of time, so I just made sure I got out.

4 miles - see above. Same route.

Forgot to run. Seriously.

Did not forget to run. Chose not to run.

18 miles ? - 2.5 hours at Yankee Springs with Alex and Evan. Really great run that renews my vigor. Awesome trails, great company, and enjoyable weather. I'm currently stuck in a low point of life, where monotonoy and complacency are tough to avoid. It's great to spend time being reminded of what I love to do, and doing with people who celebrate life.

52 miles this week. Prit-tee lame. Two "long runs" and still barely cracked 50. If my deal with the devil wasn't coming to an end, I'd have a hard time dealing with it. I feel like I'm trying to keep a tiny little ember of a dream alive as I toil away. I don't even feel like a runner anymore. It's time to realign my perspectives and just enjoy myself. Can I still chase  a dream of running a great mountain 100mile time while still being the affable, fun loving jackass I'm so proud to be? Its a tough tightrope to walk, but maybe I'm just the guy for the job.

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