Monday, February 27, 2012

Keepin' on the Grind

A day late,
A buck short,
I'm writing
The Report
On losing,
and failing
when I move
Im flailing

The week of running was ho-hum and I wrote this post a day after it. Pardon the Blink-182 reference.

I'd say this has been a tough week, but I'd be embellishing. I've enjoyed my week immensely. My job is going fairly well, I had a couple great(but short) runs, and spent some time with friends and family.

Drinking coffee and tea while I work my nights and weekends away. Keepin' the dream alive.
Training, however, has been shit. One track workout(totalling about 9 miles), and some 30-60minute runs. Maybe 7 hours total of running for the week. I'd like to blame the 50 hour work week, but I think it's just a case of malaise. I'm so excited about heading west in a month that plodding out road miles alone doesn't even feel like running, but some boring activity altogether different. I need the shocking reminder that fitness is fitness, and the more base I have when I arrive in Colorado, the better off I'll be.

That being said, training for a mountain race without mountains is like training for soccer with no soccer ball. I'll call these next 4 or 5 weeks "conditioning."

In the past, I noticed that few people in the manufacturing profession participated in endurance sports. I thought it would make a good compliment. Being on one's feet all day and keeping active at work seems like a great way to avoid injuries and get a little extra training in. I have discovered the explanation, at least as it applies to me.

My job is monotonous. Running, especially long distance running, is also monotonous. Using a monotonous activity as a release from the confines of another monotonous activity just doesn't make sense. A typical day consist of grinding, inspecting, and transporting 120-200 steel pipe molds. Each day presents a new challenge, but its essentially just polishing the same skill over and over. My ambition to get out and go for a 2-3 hour run on my only day off just isn't there. If this were a more permanent situation, I'd go back to my old lifestyle of action sports - Motocross/Enduro riding, mountain biking, snowmobiling. Drowning in the simple makes me yearn for the more complicated and energetic.

The inverse of this holds true for me as well. Last Summer, my running addiction spiked, right along with the complexity of my life. Multiple activities all over the city of Boulder with a demographic I've never worked with (those with disabilities), a new environment, and a hectic schedule kept me on my toes. The 1-3 hour sessions on the trails were my release, the time in my day there putting one foot in front of the other and leaning forward were the objectives. It's been a learning experience for me to say the least. If I want to continue to be a runner, I've got to take advantage of a lifestyle more conducive to high volume exercise.

Notes from the week:
Track Workout: Just a simple 3 mile warmup, 6x800@2:45-2:55, then 4 miles back to Evan's place. Very much a "Wam Bam Merci Ma'am." approach. The whole damned thing took about an hour.

The rest, just joggin around, somewhere around 7:30 7:45 pace for the most part.


  1. You also better be training for a flat 12 hour looped race. :D