Sunday, February 5, 2012

C- for the Week.

Well, my attempt to run 100 miles in a week while working full time fell drastically short. No injury, no, lack of time, no real reason. Just a change of heart is all it took to derail me.

As I've mentioned, I started my job two weeks ago as a temp to make money to get out to Colorado and to pay off some debt. Getting a head start on some finances will help me spend more time enjoying the Summer and take the pressure off to find immediate employment upon arrival. A job may fall into place immediately, or I may struggle for a bit. Given my luck here in Michigan, I just may struggle a bit. So I abandoned the "find a job that utilizes my degree" job search and go where the money is. I'm working in a foundry that produces super alloys for aerospace and prosthetic joints.

Well, my first day on second shift was eventful. I was loading materials onto a machine when I heard thunder...or a train...but I could feel it in my chest.  Ended up being none of the above. A furnace full of molten metal bridged over, superheating to 4300 degrees(operating temps are about 3400), and exploded. The building was evacuated and we were all sent home. From what I understand (keep in mind that I'm new and only know what I'm told), its incredibly fortunate that nobody was killed. The roof buckled, cement walls were cracked, and bolts as big as a human femur were pulled right apart. My own brother-in-law works in this department on a different shift. Once I confirmed he was indeed at home and not dead in a million pieces, I realized that arbitrary things like numbers, training miles, and money mean fuckall when all is said and done. I run because it makes me feel alive, not for my ego or other bullshit reasons. When I first started running to honor my cousin's memory, I told myself that the day it felt like a job was the day I gave away my running stuff.

That's why the "working man challenge" was scrapped and I just mellowed out. Still turned into a good week, and I loved every minute of it.

13miles - Flat road run near the lakeshore, but in ankle deep snow and slush. It was warm and there were some cool views of the lake and some farm fields. I ran comfortably, but new I was going a little quicker than normal. Didn't look at the watch until I got back, but it was around 7:00pace. A few under, and a few over, with the exception of my always-slow warmup mile.

15miles - another road run with some rolling hills. Its easier to run roads than to drive to the trails. I ran to a point I knew to be 7-8miles, then turned around. No watch, but kept the pace feeling fast. Presumably about the same as the previous day.

10 miles - This is where I learned that doing the same run day after day is a bad idea. Got about 8 miles in, and suddenly felt like crap. Not sure what was different, but my pace slowed to nearly 8minute miles and instantly started walking. Gathered myself ran jogged the last mile home. Running at a faster pace for 3 days with no recovery jog in between was a mistake. If I decide to run a certain amount of miles in a week, I need a plan for it. Maybe next week I'll give it a go with more planning.

6 miles - needed the recovery run, so I just did a nice easy loop around the block. My recovery pace seems to be about 7:30-7:45 on flat roads. This is what I've found based on my own experiences, and also is in accordance with Matt Fitzgerald's "Brain Training for Runners" book I'm reading. Nice to know I'm doing something right.

0 miles - Got caught up watching my stories. No shit. I wasted my morning watching TV. What an ass. Is Supernatural and acceptable show for men to watch? If not, then I should deny being addicted to it. Seems a bit like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but cooler. I've shared too much.

10 miles - 8 with the Joggas at Hoffmaster on the trails. Flat roads make me really appreciate a good hill. Digging the toes in and sprinting up a long hill feels powerful after the repetitive, graceful motion of road running. I think whether a person is a road or trail runner, roads can compliment trails vice versa. 2 more easy with Sam in the afternoon.

17miles - great run on River Road, a windy, hilly road that follows the banks of the Muskegon River. If it weren't for the traffic, it would be my favorite road route. I ran pretty fast, but started out nice and easy. Eventually got down to a 7:00minute pace. On the way back, I picked it up momentarily, and decided to run a fast mile. 5:55. I took a rest mile at 7:15, then hit another fast mile at 5:45. I was elated to run that fast after having run 13 miles already. Got a cramp in my foot on the cool down, but it seems to be subsiding now. Despite being thin and only weighing 6 ounces or so, the Nike XC 3's are stiff as hell and seem to mess with my feet just a little.

71 miles for the week. Considering that most of it was on the faster side, I'm on my feet doing manual labor 8 hours a day, and I took two days of little to no running, I'm really happy with it. I'm about where I want to be.

Carry on all, spring is pretty much here.

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