Sunday, February 12, 2012

BTB Sunglasses: Good Glasses, Good Cause, and a Discount Code.

I was approached by the marketing people at BTB Sport Optics to review a pair of their sunglasses. During this time, I was debating whether to continue doing reviews. For a hobo, I've acquired some great swag over the past couple years. That being said, I was wondering if I should keep writing in exchange for free stuff. I took the "Dexter Morgan" approach and created a complex code of ethics.

I went to the BTB website and communicated with their marketing people. The products looked nice and the prices were reasonable. The tipping point- they supported a cause. The BTB Foundation actively supports healthy lifestyles for kids by raising money for youth sports. Call me idealistic, but I firmly believe that getting our society more active can cure much more than sedentary disease. Getting our kids active could save their minds as well as their bodies, and that could mean much more than any cholesterol test. I discovered the wonders of physical activity later in life(okay, I was 19, but I'm only 24 now), and would be glad to help a company that's spreading the good word.

Anyway, on to the review. Here's the BTB 250 model, recommended for sports and outdoor activities.

Let's not beat around the bush. Most of the time, form follows function. With sunglasses, I'd say it's nearly a tie. If they don't work well, I'm leaving them in my glovebox of my car. If they don't look cool, same result. These white glasses are pretty cool looking. Imagine if they put them on someone who was good looking.

I'll be brief. I'm not much of a sunglasses expert. I put the sunglasses on and they felt comfortable The lenses were big enough to leave my peripheral vision unhindered and my straightforward vision unaltered. Some lenses are curved and tend to refract light(example: my safety glasses at work make me sick).

We actually got some sun in Michigan in February, so I was able to test them out. I didn't want to have to BS the whole review, so I'm thankful for the clouds taking a brief vacation.

The rubberized temples help the glasses stay in place and provide some extra comfort. Though it does make them more aesthetically pleasing, I also found them to be helpful on the run. My head got sweaty and my hair was wet, but the BTB sunglasses stayed in place. The same rubber is used on the nose pads, which have small vent holes in them. I'm not sure if they contribute to the non-slipperiness(I tried to think of a better term there, but I'm at a loss), but the glasses held in place very well.

Another great feature of the glasses is that all models exceed ANSI, OSHA & Military Impact Specifications. I'm an aspiring vagrant, and have done many different jobs to make some cash. Excavating, manual labor, maintenance, and the like require safety glasses. These glasses are not only approved, but work exceedingly well for that. The "ballistic" rating is also valuable to cyclists, since we never know what road or trail debris could be heading straight for our eyeballs.

There you have it. They fit well, look cool, keep the sun from scorching your retinas, and save the world, one little athlete at a time.

Want to buy some? Here's the discount code. That's right, my very own 30% discount code:


  1. I just tried the discount code and it said invalid. Is it activated yet?

  2. That's weird. I just tried it and it worked. Did you click "apply," or "recalculate?" I clicked "apply" and it worked.

  3. I just gave it a go too and it said the code is not valid. I tried clicking "apply" and tried again clicking "recalculate".

    1. I tried again and hit the enter key rather than clicking apply and it worked.

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