Monday, January 2, 2012

Success can be bought with foot skin

This week seems to have gone out with a whimper, rather than a bang. I finished out the challenge, giving me a 120 mile week.
 My first run was just before dark, finishing in a blinding snowstorm on the flat farmland around my home. Several inches of snow piled up in the 1.5 hours I was out. Salt trucks blew by on some of the busy roads, blasting me with salt and slush. The back roads were calm and peaceful, since the 2-3 inches of powder hadn't been touched by plows or even tires yet.  Ice hanging from my beard and hair, I pulled in with 11 miles on. The run started out painful, and took nearly 6 miles to loosen up. My pace had slowed due to fatigue and icy roads(race flats provide little traction). The adverse conditions made it fun, but it would have been more fun on fresh legs.

I ate an overly huge dinner of pasta, garlic bread, and shrimp. I then made a fatal mistake - I sat down on the couch.

I sat until 11pm. Realizing that I couldn't lose motivation when all I needed was a mere 6 miles to break an even 120 miles in 6 days. Finished up some work on the computer and headed out the door. I ran a loop I knew to be 7 miles. Not a single car passed by as I ran silently in the snow. It hurt. I guess that's what I wanted from this tedious break from my mediocrity- to see if I could keep going when nobody was around. Nobody cares if I keep going. Hell, I'd bet most would rather I stop. I silently walked the last half mile or so, just because it was nice to watch the snow fall on the road for a minute. I approached my door, realizing it was well past midnight. Another flaw that technically disqualifies my efforts, but I'm ok with it.

"Some of you might think 'any idiot could do that.' Well, it was hard for be so back off"
-Adam Sandler, Billy Madison

A few stats
123 miles this week(Monday-Sunday)*
10 runs total
Average pace- 8:00mile
Elevation- absurdly low, negligible
Shoes: Nike XC streak, Merrell Trail Glove

The week was held together by superglue(to hold the band-aids on my feet)
and a couple cool books for inspiration.

* I ran with three people with Garmin GPS watches. Mine came up 5-10% short on each of these runs. Not sure why mine is consistently reading low, but I just went by the final readout when I finished my runs. It's consistent, which I suppose is more crucial than accuracy.

I had a nice thought about how this week of triumph finally showed a chink in the armor of my mental weakness, but I forgot it. I should carry a pen around or something.

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