Sunday, January 29, 2012

Retreat and Reload

0 miles. Bad weather. Aching Achilles from the long run. Started new job at 6am. That covers my bases as far as lame excuses go.

10 miles - 8 miles at hoffmaster, plus 20 hard minutes of stairs at Coast Guard Park. Focused on the hills and really went hard on the stairs. I was short on time, and running with intensity was a great change of pace from last week. Felt strong for the first time in a while. The lengthy bout of stair running reminded me just how much I need to train for a Tahoe. Prolonged climbing is incredibly different than hill repeats.
The stair loop at Coast Guard Park.
8 miles - The usual loop with Mark and Rick at Hoffmaster. I'm glad those guys run consistently, because I sure as hell can't seem to lately. I'm the remora to their shark. Winter has been so light that I forget it's almost february. Our days are getting longer already.

7 miles - A flat road loop near my house. Nothing special, other than it's sunny for a change. Suprisingly, a fast run took place! Hit the pavement after 2 miles of glare ice and the pace sped up. Ran progressively faster until getting back on my glare ice road again. Like a built-in warm up and cool down.

Worked overtime. Got lazy afterward. I did, however come up with a plan for next week.

This was one of the worst weeks I've had in a long time. Even posting this stings just a little. Am I really one of those "My life is a marathon" people? I think not.

Time for a new random-ass challenge to kick myself into gear. I shall call it, "The Workin' Man's Challenge." 100 mile week+ 40(or 48, depending on if Saturday is mandatory) hours of working. 14 miles a day seems possible after doing 120 a few weeks ago.

What the hell, right? Hit a good week, coast through February, and start the real training plan for Tahoe Rim.


  1. That's so cool you're doing TRT. That's on my "list" if I can ever bitch slap my body into cooperating. Let me know when you get your ass out here. Would love to say hi!

    1. Krista, why don't you come crew? You're familiar with the area, and know where we can hit beer stores!

  2. I do recall an entire winter where I woke up at 4am to get in a run before teaching. then, during my 1-hour lunch break, I'd duck into the staff bathroom, change into my winter running gear, get in 50 minutes of jogging, return completely covered in ice and then finish out the day by shuffling around town for another 8-10 miles to the gym, then do a weight class for an hour. I'd be warm, drunk and asleep by about 9pm each night. I mean, what? What the hell was I thinking? LOSER!