Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Body Has No Odometer, Only a Watch.

The goal for the week: a modest 14 hours. Pace or mileage be damned. Forward motion is all that counts this time. A little base-building never hurt anybody. I've been feeling like a slave to the Garmin, so I'm not going to use it. Yeah, another attempt to mix it up.

1.5 hours - Postholing in the snow and slush at the Park. Most of the run was in the dunes, so it was slow going, yet high heart rate and burning legs were ever present. I enjoyed the run, especially when I fell off a ridge and went sledding on my back. The epitome of the "off season" run, I ran, looked at the lake, and did all of the tough hills that my ego makes me avoid because it was slow(maybe I'm more of a road runner than I admit). These are the kinds of runs I wish I did more often...and will incorporate into my training. Works for Geoff Roes, right? Sure...other than his "slow" is my "holy shit my legs are burning."

Off topic: MT110s are great snow shoes. Even with 7 months of running on them, the ragged lugs still grip the hard pack snow. YakTrax XTRs help when it's really bad.

0 hours - The 14 hour goal gave me room for a rest day. My achilles felt a little tweaked, so I took it easy.

1.5 hours - super slow run on roads in the ankle deep snow. Running slow and strong feels good. Silent run in the dark as the snow fell on me. I'll try to remember how effortless it feels to not feel my legs the next time my legs hurt.

7ish hours - Okay, I was snowmobiling. Not exactly running, but my legs were beat up nonetheless. The trails weren't groomed  and the bumps were big. Imagine several consecutive "mini squats" while holding onto a 400lb+ machine. Wandering around the trails for hours seems to have been bred into me, since I've been doing this since age 12(and clinging to my dad for 7 years before that, since he rode like a madman whether I was attatched or not). This cut into my running time, but I figure it's cool. All the signs of a long winter run were present. Achy legs and arms, elevated HR, frostbite, and a craving for food and drink from the pub.

I'm the one in the background...not that it matters.
 Great day in the snow with family and friends
1.5 hours - Took Abbey on my dune route at the state park. Temps in the teens, but we were working hard to stay warm. The sun even popped out for a little. None too shabby. In the snow, this little peice of land is my favorite place to be. Dune ridges, root-laden trails, generally pretty tough stuff. Abbey the road warrior did well.

5.5 hours - 34ish miles at the Paint Creek 50k. Arrived 20 minutes late. Thank goodness it wasn't a race. Churning along in the snow, and chugging up the slimy, slushy hills. A rather boring run, but it's tough to turn down a free long run with a little aid station support and some cool ultrarunners. Great weather and a difficult run. Definitely a good strength builder. I ran the first 7 miles or so fast with Rich, another guy who showed up late. He was really fast, and helped me figure the course out. We got separated, and I slowed up quite a bitcxv f  Inspired by my friend Phil, my aim in the off season is to run with consistency and hit ultramarathon distance once monthly. No official time, and no official place. 2 unlegit.
Running through the more affluent areas in the state offered a change of scenery. Instead of a meth head attempting to run me over in his '83 F-150, industry moguls showed disregard for my life with the grilles of their Audis. Douchebaggery transcends socioeconomic status.

As far as physical activity goes, it was around 17 hours. Of course, its a bit arbitrary since I doubt there is a precise MET value for "aggressive trail snowmobiling." I feel refreshed today, despite some sore legs from Saturday. Dare I shoot for a triple-digit week and make it a monthly occurrence? I start a factory job where Im on my feet running a grinder, so it's not likely. Structured training isn't really my thing lately. There will be time for that in March/April and beyond. I'd rather invest the time to save money for the upcoming move at this point.  Yeah, I have a 100 to train for. Isn't being young and arrogant awesome?


  1. How do the YakTrak XTRs feel on your minimalist shoes? Have you compared with MicroSpikes? I had the regular YakTraks, but blew them up during a trail race. I want something a bit more secure and reliable, though am worried they will squash my trail gloves into a ball, like in one of those review pics.

    p.s. Do you know where in CO you're going to land?

  2. Most likely Boulder, David. My girlfriend has a few internship prospects there. I'd prefer something a bit more remote, but We'll go where she needs to.

    I've worn the XTRs with my trail gloves and they work pretty well. I think anything more pliable would curl up(like a TP EVO). I've never used microspikes, since I couldn't find a local place that sells Kahtoola. I have broken a pair of XTRs once, but Gazelle Sports replaced them "no questions asked." The only issue is that since they're made for boots, I had to get the smallest size to slip over my size 10.5 trail gloves. On my heel-less MT100s, the rear spike plate would slip off occassionally. Awesome on climbs though.