Saturday, January 7, 2012

I sit here writing this as a total bum. I got out of work with every intention of going running immediately afterward. To my dismay, I forgot my wallet, food, or any other means to get calories into me. I’m still adjusting to this whole commute/job thing.

I arrived at home, ready to get my ass moving and go for a run or bike ride. The air had finally chilled a little, so I moved quickly to get from the car to the house. My legs hurt, specifically in the hip flexors. This had me confused and, well, a little pissed off.

I ran 120-something miles last week. Other than being sore, I suffered no injuries whatsoever. A week later, I have pain during hip flexion? Despite my irreverent nature, I’m inclined to agree that rigorous training is wasted if not coupled with adequate rest. Why the hell do my legs hurt at the end of a rest week? The only answer I can think of is a generic one:

Even rest can be overdone.

I should have kept moving instead of taking consecutive days of little movement. Sure, I didn’t spend the week in bed, but I only ran a couple times, lifted weights just enough to go through the range of motion of my joints, and did some core work. This was only a fraction of my usual activity, and I feel rusty as hell. The extensive sitting I’ve done this week has tightened up my knees, hips, and back. A few minutes of activity won’t suffice to free up this tin man.

Doing two weeks of the extremes(activity and inactivity), I’ve learned some things. Without structure, things tend to fall apart. Last week, I had a plan to run 20miles per day. There were rules, there were deadlines, and there was motivation. This week, I “rewarded” myself the liberty to train strictly as desired. Needless to say, this doesn’t bode well for a natural born slacker with a recent sense of entitlement from accomplishing a goal and becoming employed. I’ve learned that if I’m going to train with any resolve, even the rest weeks need to have a bit of a plan.

You’d think I would know this already…right?

So, for my next hair brained scheme, I’m going to buy a calendar. A real, paper calendar, perhaps with cool pictures of cars, trees, or naked ladies(that’s what adults do right? You should see my grandpa’s workshop). On this calendar will have training goals on it. Weekly totals, scheduled dates to run with friends who are less flaky than I…which is just about anyone, and planned runs to hammer out solo.

Does planning my runs out mean I’ll be a slave to a calendar and cease to enjoy myself? I hope not. My intent is to limit the stress that comes from not knowing when or where a run will take place, to just make it a part of my day, albeit the more enjoyable part. We shall see what comes next. I’m not attached to the outcomes, but more or less an observer of myself

Immediate plans? I’m bagging the run today in favor of a couple vanilla java porters and some head clearing.

Welcome to the inside of my head. Watch for falling ideas.


  1. looks like you need some good old fation meditation my friend- it always helps me when I am lost.

  2. thats why i am thankful for you to plan out my weeks of running for me.