Monday, December 26, 2011

7miles- I seem to be digging 7milers lately. Good weather for a night run. somewhere between 6:45 and 7:30pace for the most part. Not too hard, not too...soft I guess. Loving my XC streaks. Flat runs aren't fun, but running fast is, so I guess its not all bad. I'm not sure if my tendency to run in the dark stems from laziness or if its just a fun change of pace. It also may have something to do with it getting dark at 4:30pm.

...After Monday, I picked up a pretty nasty cold. I used my remaining energy to endure holiday parties and prepare for more holiday parties. I love my family and friends, but Christmas seems to bring some sort of tension somehow, doesn't it? Must be all the parties being planned. I know my procrastination must irritate the hell out of my family, so I'm grateful to have understanding people around.

3 miles - small amounts of low-medium intensity exercise can help with sickness, so I did a quick three miler to wake me up before a family Christmas party. Pace was around 7:30, but my chest felt heavy and my head felt pretty swollen. Though I love snow, this dry weather is making it easier to lace up mesh running shoes and head out for these quick jaunts.

AM - 7.5(or whatever their typical loop is) miles - A Christmas Eve morning jog with Mark, Stuart, Mike, and Rick(with Mocha, of course). These guys are quick, but usually I can keep up. I'm either a)still sick, but on the mend, b)getting slower and slower, or c)missing out on some awesome training runs.

PM - 3.5 miles - I was feeling like a champ in my newly acquired man-pris, so I decided to fill my gut with vegan burritos(no, not a full fledged vegan, but I'm experimenting) and headed out for another jog. Whittled the pace down to just under 7 minute miles before starting to cool down and curse the gastrointestinal effects faux cheese has on my body. Lesson learned: either skip cheese substitutes altogether, or just put some damned cheese on the burrito.

20-21 miles for the week. That cold really took the wind out of my sails, but  since I decided that attempting the Beast of Burden 100mile on shit training is a bad idea, I'm free to start over again. All is well.


  1. Given the insane price, I've been thinking about giving the XC3s a try for a while now; but I've balked at the really narrow looking specs. How would you say they fit, if you don't mind my asking?

    Also, pseudo cheese is dreadful stuff. If you want the same texture in a vegan-friendly format, nutritional yeast works a lot better. It's also pretty health foody.

  2. Thanks for the tips, Alex! I'll try nutritional yeast. My friend Angie Bee suggested the same.

    The XC3's are narrow, but not awful. They're also a bit spongy if you're a hardcore barefoot/minimalist shoe runner. Ran a 20miler in them with only a little chafage today. I have average(maybe just a little on the thin side) width feet. They're a bit wobbly on trails though, when compared to other "racing flat" type shoes like f-lite 195s or MT110s, which I attribute to the narrow and stiff platform.

  3. I wouldn't say I'm hardcore. In fact, I think a little something underfoot is needed if you really want to hammer on roads or rocks. The MT110s look sweet, and they'll be my trail shoe, barring a really awful fit. But a road flat would be nice, so I can finally retire my beat to hell (and not that great anyway) Hattori.