Sunday, December 18, 2011

Do what you feel, do what makes you feel.

7 miles - Really slow, really boring. It didn't hurt, but it wasn't the usual warm and fuzzies I get from most runs. It was nice running along quietly in the dark though. The rudeness of some drivers in rural farm country never ceases to amaze me. Nearly had to jump in the ditch. I had my headlight and my blinking red Road ID light on too...bastards. An hour-ish.

7 mo' miles - Felt a little better today. Ran a more normal:(for me) pace, then ran a fastish 1mile tempo just to liven the legs up. Around 6 minute pace, then ran out of road. Jogged the rest of the way home. Didn't start out motivated, but glad I ended up heading out. Just under an hour

Guess what I didn't do. That's right, run. 0 hours

12 miles on the North Country Trail.  I was hiking, though so if you don't count that, I didn't run. Since my lifelong friend Korey happens to be a the hikingest sonofabitch around, I'll count it. Fully loaded with gear, Trekking Poles and all that. I could totally get into this hiking thing. I'm slow enough at running that one could possibly call all of my running hiking, but since I wear little shorts, so its running to me, dammit. 4.5 hours

35 miles - Kal Haven+ Detour.
Ryan and I had the awful idea to run the flat, lonely Kal Haven Trail from Kalamazoo to South Haven. I vowed never to run that whole distance again after my double crossing(68 miles) two Summers ago. I tend not to learn from my mistakes. We made prettygood time on the first half, making to Bloomingdale in around 3:30 or so. The run was great overall. A light dusting of snow fell on us as we trotted down the trail. I consumed only 2 GUs, a Mallow Cup, and a bottle of Mountain Dew. MT110s were way too much shoe for such a flat, smooth trail, but they happened to be in my car. Yes, I drove 1.5 hours without remembering to bring the right running shoes. Ryan's efforts were impressive. Considering his weekly mileage, his finishing of this run was awesome. He's got the stones to be a great runner, so he's got the difficult part down already.

The Kal Haven Caboose. The Kalamzoo end.

This happened more times than I'd like it to.

This is what you'd see from miles 1 to 34.

The only scenic part of the trail. Don't blink. Sorry I got in the way

Shredmeister Ryan Hansard, navigating the super technical terrain.

Ryan, pointing the part of him that doesn't hurt.

...where we picked up some fuel.
I grabbed the Dew and Mallow cup, saving the chocolate milk for the ride home.
Friday night ended up being a great night out with friends. Needless to say, I did not work up the legs or motivation to run. Maybe I was sending all my energy to my friends running the HUFF. Maybe I got a little carried away Friday night. One of life's mysteries(its not a mystery).

6 miles - A really nice run in the backroads near the house. All this flat running has me nervous that I'll be epically screwed once I attempt hills again. Until that day, I'll just keep on keepin' on. I did manage to drop one(1) 6 flat mile when I was 99% sure that I saw and heard a monster. In retrospect, it was very likely a log that I saw, and my beard on my coat that I heard. Call it 50 minutes, but I never ever ever remember to stop my watch at intersections or when I'm done running.

68 miles for the week. Of the past 4 weeks, three of them have been in the between 60 and 70. This feels good for now. About 17 hours of forward motion on my feet. Great times with friends, running and otherwise. Meeting up with some friends in Kalamazoo made me feel great, like I'm still on the right track in life, despite being a little down in the dumps in this post grad/pre job limbo in which I find myself.
Hardly any of my running was fast, but I'll be damned if I'm not starting to feel like me again.

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  1. I absolutely love how in one paragraph you describe a 6 minute mile, and in the next you talk about being a slow runner. Psh. :p