Sunday, December 4, 2011

A logo-filled week.

I tossed my name into the lottos for both of these fine races. I'm qualified for WS in the legittest of ways, but I went the "please believe me, I can survive your race" approach for Hardrock. It is an option, but since I've yet to run a hundo, its pretty unlikely. I took a shot anyway. I have confidence in my abilities, but understand how it looks on paper. I've finagled my way into prestigious events before. You only live once, right?
Edit: I already found out that I didn't get into Hardrock. Apparently, they had so many applicants with qualifying races under their belts that they couldn't even consider those of us that attempted to convince them. Elite ultra baus Michael Wardian was on the same mailing list I was, so I didn't feel so bad.


a person who pretends or claims to have more knowledge or skill than he or she possesses; quack.

6 miles - Put off running all day so that I could hit the books. I was successful in that I did indeed put off running all day. A little studying, a meeting of the Unemployed Bored Braintrust, and back to reading. Lo and behold, I arrived at home to find out the horse and goat and other barn dwelling creatures needed feed, so I had to go to the feed store. Finally snuck a run in after dark. My legs were a little achy from the tempo 14 the day before, so I just slogged out 6 easy miles on the dirt roads near the house. Caught a little sliver of sun going down.

Tons of ass time in the car as I travelled to take my certification test. All the sitting made me drowsy and I didn't muster up the gumption to run. I did, however, add a few acronyms to my resume.

This should help the job searching along nicely. I don't believe that people are defined by their certifications. I'm the same person I was the day before I took the test, but now I hope it adds a little legitimacy will require less convincing. Little known fact: I actually know how to train people, but happen to train myself in a sporadic nature.

5 miles - Did a little jogging at the State Park to take in the warm air. Some hills, deer runs, and dunes. Chilled out afterward, stretching my achy back(really regretting not running to undo all of yesterday's sitting) on the beach.

9 miles - Still warm out, so I did a little shoeless running on the bike path to the lighthouse. Its been a while since my bare feet touched pavement. Form felt solid, but my foot skin is totally deconditioned. Circled back around for my KSOs and felt better. Yep, I'm a wuss. Great run on the break arm to the lighthouse as some huge waves splashed on the rocks and wind tried to take me out into the water.

AM-12 miles. 3 mile warmup to the track, then a bit of an arduous workout.
3 mile cool down.

5 miles of sub 6 minute mile pace felt surprisingly good, despite the track having ice on it in a few spots. I'm in need of some road/track slippers. It would appear that all I own are trail shoes and 2 pair of Vibrams that are inexplicably hacking the shit out of my feet. Cold weather seems to pucker the seams on my KSOs.

PM - 7 miles at Muskegon State Park with Ryan, fairly easy pace, but the weather was great for December and it was awesome to enjoy the final days of slush free running. A little running on the gravel ski path, steeper hills, deer runs, and the road along Lake Michigan. If life does keep me in West Michigan longer than planned, I won't be as disappointed as I originally thought I would be.
The temp could fool me, but that winter sky is a dead giveaway. It's December.
Photo: Ryan(stolen from facebook...thanks Ryan!)
AM- 16 miles with Jeremiah in Allendale. It started raining on the way there, and I knew I was in for a muddy treat. A road route to some trails near the Grand River, a few loops(containing one treat of a hill that Dr. C insists on climbing repeatedly...damn him), and back to Campus. I've been spending a lot of time in the car to log running miles. Ecologically reprehensible.

10 miles - I slept in way too late to sneak a run in, so I had to wait until dark. My family went to bed, and I hit the road. I was able to run with my headlight off with the moon lighting my way. It was incredibly quiet. The rain had finally quit and the wind completely died off. I didn't look at my watch until I got back. The first and last miles were 8ish, the middle 8 were 7ish. Felt rather effortless.

Total: 65miles. Fell short once again, but I matched last week. The week had all the essential components(easy, long, tempo, and pacework), so the low volume approach isn't all bad.

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