Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 3: Halfway There

Steady as she goes. Starting to feel some fatigue, but no real pains have reared their ugly heads just yet.

22miles on the day, since I got caught not paying attention.
The first run of the day was a 12 miler that turned into a 14er. I was zoning out, staring at a section of road about 25 feet ahead of me. I realized I had missed my turn to go back home. I turned around, saw the road that would take me home(about 30 feet back) and said audibly "fuck it, I've gone too far." I circled the next rural country block, adding 2 more miles to the route. SeƱor Garmin read a 7:47 average. At least I'm staying consistent, for better or worse. For extra He-Man points, I helped my dad push a customer's car into the garage after I jogged up the driveway.

Second run was an 8 miler at Hoffmaster State Park. I met Mark, Stuart, and Sam for a night trail run. I thought trails would feel awful with all the hills, but it was a really nice break from all the monotonous road running. We even ran the loop backwards to mix it up(well, we didn't run it back wards, but in the opposite direction). This got the hillier single track stuff out of the way first.

The plan is to keep doing 20 milers, despite having a bit of a surplus so far. Between foot care, eating more, hydrating, and...ahem...chafage patrol, its starting to feel like an ultra.

A run with J Cataldo in the AM, so I'm headed for a royal ass kicking tomorrow.

By the way, I'm not going to make a habit of daily posts.

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  1. No daily posts? Come on! We need the gory blow-by-blow.