Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 2: so far so good.

2nd 20 mile day is in the bag. I realize that there is a plentiful amount of people do this regularly, but I'm just doin' my thing.

Both runs so far have been flat 20 milers with 1 water bottle and one GU taken just after the halfway point. Both runs have been identically paced at 7:45, with the 18th mile being 6:30 so that I could deplete glycogen stores(also because I was getting impatient and wanted to cool down.

My new shoes, the ones I was so enamored with, have given me a few blisters. on my heels and toes. This is probably due to my skin not being used to their unique points of contact with my foot.

Super Glue's original use was bonding skin as a quick way to replace sutures*. Good enough for this guy!

Today, I'm going to break it up into a 12/8 combo for the sake of breaking up the monotony and running with the Hobby Joggas.

this has to be the most boring thing any of you has ever read...right? I just read the owner's manual to my vegetable chopper and it was probably more interesting.

*according to, that's not true. I'm using it anyway.

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  1. Way to go!!
    you still haven't gotten rid of that food processor??