Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A 6 Day Challenge

"It is better to be violent, if there is violence in our hearts, than to put on the cloak of nonviolence to cover impotence."


I'm not too deep, I heard that quote from the A-Team movie.

I've realized that I'm not a lazy person, but it is easy to let goals slip away when you're laid back like I am. I want better for myself.

I haven't challenged myself in a while. Running has gotten boring, but its been my fault. Short easy runs (with the exception of the 34 miler a couple weeks ago) have been the M.O. as of late. I'm a damned ultrarunner, and its time to act like it. Time to challenge myself for no damned good reason.

On a run last weekend, my friend Mark commented, "you've got no job, you should be in the shape of your life." A couple hours later I realized just how right he was. No job and running less than I was with a full-time job? Time to stop spending so much time in my own head and get the hell out the door. The weather's great and I'm free.

I'm going to attempt to run 20 miles daily for the next 6 days. These are the arbitrary guidelines for my solo challenge:

Not challenging 20milers, not PRs for 20milers, but treating the next 6 days like a stage race.

Just pick pick random routes and run at least 20 miles on them.

All stops pulled - do whatever it takes to get motivated - ipod, caffeine, multiple daily runs, utilization of friends.

No "depletion training" bullshit - sleep well, stretch, eat well/alot/often, hydrate.

This challenge is not a desparate attempt to lose weight, make huge gains in fitness, prove anything to anyone or garner attention(well, I'm a blogger, and therefore a whore for attention, so take that with a grain of salt.). I just want to do something hard for a change. All too often, I stay in bed or cut my runs short for this reason or that. Setting a clear, short term, yet attainable goal might help me realize that I'm still capable of decent feats from time to time.

Day 1 was a success with a 21 mile road run. Feeling great so far Instead of hopping in the car and freezing up, I cooled down properly, ate a large meal  of unprocessed(or minimally processed) food, took a warm shower and napped for 40 minutes. Hey, I've got no job, I might as well pretend I'm a professional runner, right?

If the weather's decent tomorrow, Sam's in for bike support for another 20miler. An itunes gift card will provide a little more entertainment.

Haven't brought the camera on a run lately, so I give you my finest
"I just got fancy clothes for Christmas" pose.

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  1. There's nothing about this post I dislike. It's a stupid idea, hastily executed, but with a powerful degree of optimism. Outstanding.