Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Running, Crewing, and general ass-clownery from last week.

AM: 2 miles slow n' easy with Megan and Libby(sister and dog, respectively). My sister is a machine. She runs a couple miles without even really thinking about it.

PM: 10 miles with Suart and Mark. Ran some ridges at Hoffmaster, then apparently left the state land. We got lost, and Stewart suggested we flip a coin to decide which direction to take. Mark asked me for a coin(as if I carry quarters on my run). A hunter popped out and told us to flip a coin someplace else. I was clueless as to wheter he was allowed to be there, but he who wields the broadheads wins.  We went about our buisness and had a sweet run in some gorgeous weather.

6 miles(ish) with Alex and Phil at the Arboretum in Kzoo. Nice and easy. Didn't fit much running in since I drove to Kalamazoo for a seminar and some bidness. I'm not fast enough to live for free, so I am intensifying the job search.

12 miles: Track workout
Met up with Abbey and Evan for some running in Grand Rapids. We liked the 8x800 workout from a couple weeks ago, so we simply extended it. 10x800 at 3:00. 200m jog rest period. Ran all of them a little faster than we prescribed to ourselves, but still averaged 2:56 per rep. 2.5 miles each way to the track. Brick Road Pizza buffet to follow. Other than some sore nipples(damn tech shirts to hell), the workout went well. I didn't over exert, but felt that awesome tired, heavy-legged feeling that calls for a nap afterward. Working these into the week will keep things fresh without injuring me...I hope. Speedwork helps me practice good form and mix up the heart rate training. Stagnant running and boredom are the enemy.

Hey, cool! I got myself back on pace for a decent week. I'm sure I'll wreck it somehow.

AM: 9 miles. Just a flat road route with no watch. First snow run of the year. If I had any desire to remove the hair from my face, it's gone now. The weather changed about 5 times on the run. From windy, to sunny, to cloudy, to near white-out snow, and back to sunny again. I meant to extend the route, but as my legs began to hurt, I took the opportunity to shorten the route. Something great about reggae music and running in snow.

Traveled to Arizona, which took nearly all day. The only running I squeezed in was a sprint to a connector flight. Call it "the airport steeplechase"

6(ish)miles - Crewed and paced for Shelly at the Javelina 100. She fought the good fight, but decided to call it early. She was still impressive, and I'll let her tell the tale. While she was running, Jason and I snagged a few miles of desert ridge running. Oh, how I missed the sustained climbs of mountains.

Jason and Shelly, pre-Javelina.

Sunrise over the "tent city" start/finish. Near perfect weather

Jason, Jon, and I got a little "overhydrated" the night before. Glad I wasn't running.

The one and only Catra Corbett cruises by.

I hardly talked to anyone(other than the generic encouragements),
but its pretty easy to see what these badasses are made of.

Did a little running of my own and went on a seldom-used trail. These bastards were all up in my shoes.

Jon and I also spotted THE Delorean at el Pollo Loco!

10 miles - Jason, Jon and I searched and found a cool mountain summit near Prescott, AZ. Reached the Summit at around 7600feet. The trail was a perfect grade for a sea level dweller like me. I still remember how to run the long climbs, but my lungs were feeling the thin air. More breathtaking veeestas, but they're on Jason's camera.

Weekly total: 55 miles. Not my greatest, but pretty average in a quantitative sense. The quality, from a training and enjoyment standpoint, were great. Running for running's sake.

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