Sunday, November 20, 2011

Downward Slope

9 miles. Jason and I drove to Flagstaff to summit Mt. Humphreys. Altitude is a bitch when you live at sea level, but we perservered. The views were ok I guess.
Almost to the top.

Jason looking from the snow covered mountain to the desert.

The snow and altitude made it less runable for me, but we got some joggin' in.

snow is cold no matter how warm the air is. Cold ass.

Tuesday a can of farts with wings. The flight back to Michigan(and losing two hours to timezones) wiped me out. So it goes.

13miles - Loop around Reeds Lake with Evan, and some hill repeats. Wednesdays are awesome. Workout, Pizza Buffet, fun. Readied my hunting stuff and did an hour of core work with Sam. I realized that other than maintaining my health and therefore helping the costs of other people's medical insurance, I'm a noncontributing member of society.

6miles - A bit ashamed of myself here. I actually ran solely because I felt guilty about eating too much. Pretty sad. To the store to get my hunting license and back. Ended up being enjoyable as I got snowed on in the dark.

5 miles - Short loop in the morning before heading up north. Not nearly as long as I would have liked, especially since I knew my running would be approximately cero.

0- a few miles of walking in the woods with gear and a gun, but no running. Being alone in the woods for a whole day is another post in itself.

4 miles - Left my knife in my blind, and just ran back to get it from the cabin.

I have constructed an elaborate graph to save you some reading.


  1. holy cow!!! Those pics are gorgeous! How high is that mountain? Breathtaking.

  2. A picture is worth a 1000 words - I really feel like I was right there. Oh, and those other snapshots of the mountains were nice too.

  3. I think the summit was aroud 12000', Krista. A few months ago, it wouldn't have tired me out as much. Now that I'm a sea level dweller again, its hands-to-knees time.

  4. Yeah, i'm going to have leave another comment regarding the quality of dem photos. also, the general tone and presentation of this post IS WHA IMA TALKIN BOWT!!! HAWT DAAYUM!!

    all the best to you and yours,

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  6. Suzie Thomas, you are a ho for sho. Good luck selling your balls.