Sunday, November 6, 2011


Another week has passed. Ths particular week has been full of excitment. The following has happened:

I scraped up some money(and online coupon codes) and lavishly ordered a new pair of running shorts.

I cut a little bit of my hair off to look less like a hobo...preferred looking like a hobo. That's what I get for asking my mom for a quick trim. I look like a bearded 5 year old. If my brother in law hadn't already laid claim to the look that resembles rapper Common, I'd be all over it and go scorched earth on my Cory Mathews* hair

I did a fun hill workout: 5 x "Sprint up a sandy hill with Evan until we taste vomit".

I ran approximately every other day, totalling a whopping 30 miles.

I did a bunch of core exercises with Sam and now my belly button hurts.

I got my self a sweet hunting spot all staked out up north so I can enjoy some nature.  I haven't ventured into the woods to hunt for about 9 years. My hand-me-down hunting gear actually fits this time. I will spend the week franticlly searching for some sort of reclining chair. Why do all camo stools look like tripod bicycle seats? I'm trying to nap for Christ's sake.

 *Cory Mathews is a fictional character from the 90's sitcom "Boy Meets World." If you are not an American child from the 90's, you missed out.

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