Wednesday, November 23, 2011

If Heaven Has Internet

Of all the weird ass toys, these STREET SHARKS stand out in my childhood,
playing with them in Mike's basement during the holidays.
This won't mean much to most of you. For a little background, I refer you to this, my first post on this blog. I started this chronicle of my shenanigans as a way to document my life and evacuate some of the thoughts from my brain. My first post explained why I decided to pursue a life of movement and exploration. The emotional scar that was left by the loss of my cousin and childhood idol also signifies the event that pushed me out of a life of complacency.

Tonight is the 5th year anniversary of Mike's death. We all live and die by the decisions we make. Though his final decision is a regretable one, the ones he made before shaped the lives of those around him. The timing of "Lenny's" death has caused me to loathe thanksgiving, but it still reminds me that we should all be thankful for those we have.

Put your differences aside, hug your families, and tell the people who inspire you to keep it up.

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