Friday, November 11, 2011

Back in Colorado

I've landed myself back in Colorado, albeit for only a couple hours. Layover in Denver on my way to Phoenix, AZ for the Javelina 100. I'm crewing and pacing for Shelly tomorrow. I think I'm more excited to crew than I was at the start of my own 100. I'm not sure if its the travelling, seeing friends I don't see every day, or whatever else, but bumming around this country of ours is calming. I've only got a couple minutes of complimentary wifi service, so I'm going to spend it babbling.

I wish my desire to stay home equaled my attraction to this state. Staying home would be so much easier. No leaving those I care about, no relocating, no attempting to replace those who are nothing short of irreplaceable. Perhaps I should just invest in my own plane so I can commute whenever I please. Hit up Indian Peaks on the weekend, head back for work, see friends and family, repeat. I have a couple pilot friends, why the hell not? All I have to do is pull off this ultrarunning Richard Simmons act I'm trying to pull off and I'm all set. Who's coming with me?

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  1. Sometimes I feel the same way about the Army. Moving my family around sucks and they don't like it either, but it's made them adaptable, caring and experienced. To say nothing of the days when you're in the middle of nowhere, getting some water pump to work, with some kid that's had to dodge landmines and I think, oh yeah, this is cool.