Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Week Pissed Away...But Not Wasted

0 miles- Took it easy. Raked the yard and felt unmotivated. Spent more time planning the week instead of forcing myself to run. I think it was for the best

AM- 3 miles. Just chilled out in the rain and jogged easy. Felt like it was the start of something good. An honest to goodness relaxed three. It's been a while. The shakeout is important. Too slow is just as bad as too fast. If we do them with partners, its not automatically the speedy one's fault.

PM- 7 miles. 3 miles easy on the rolling hills of the ski trails, then made my way over to the dunes. 6 good, hard climbs. They weren't super long, but I about tipped over at the top. As I did the first climb, I turned around to see the entire shoreline illuminated by lightning. It was quite dark at only 4:30pm. I would like to have done 8 repeats, but an excuse presented itself when lightning hit the beach and I nearly shit my hot pants. Time to go! Ducked back into the trees and did a couple miles at home.

0.00 miles(for those of you using the metric system, this is roughly 0.0 kilometers) Fail and a half on the training front. To kick off the day, I overslept by two hours. After I got a text from Ryan, we headed off to haul a few cord of wood for some "family" friends. I'd gladly trade any standard day of joggin' to know that an elderly couple has enough firewood to last a winter. Still a good day outside lifting and building some monstous muscles! I saw a vein in one arm pop out and everything. Nutritionally the day was also a deliciously wonderful clusterf**k. Burgers, bottomless fries, and 3 root beer floats...and that was just lunch. Can't lie, it was a good day.

Nearly a full day of slacking and not doing much. Attempted to study at 3 different places. Capped off a full day of wasting daylight with an evening of debauchery. Up until 4am.

Track workout 12 miles total.
3.5 mile jog to East Grand Rapids High School's track. Some strides and warmup jogging. Evan and I decided to stick with an easy pace just to get used to some leg speed and ease into doing weekly track sessions. As per the classic advice of our former coach G Dales, we just stuck with 6:00min/mile pace and stayed comfy. Of the 4 800s I was leading, I was within 1 second of target pace without the use of a watch. At least I have a sense of pace. 8x800 @ 3:00 - 200 meter jog as rest. Return trip home of 3.5 miles. The pace on the track felt nearly effortless. It was a great confidence booster and intro to pacework. Rather than attempting 5:30 pace and risk destroying ourselves, we just got a feel for a comfortable pace and got a good baseline for further workouts.

Saturday and Sunday
The weekend can be lumped into one day because of the amount of running done. Hint: the number can be drawn with a compass. My knee had a strange shooting pain that I haven't experienced in a while. The week was a wash with regard to mileage anyway, so resting seemed reasonable.

Impromprtu Halloween shenanigans necessitated a 40 minute costume creation.
I was the best damned chalupa at the Block Party. Girls dressed like strippers and watered down liquor.
Halloween is fun in adulthood, provided you can create a cool costume.

My week was absolute garbage in comparisson to what I have planned. I had a big line of bullshit prepared about how having an actual coach of my own would help motivate me, then I would follow that up with suggesting you get an online coach, planting a seed for when I get my ACSM certification(see what I would have done there? I'm an evil genius). No, it was indeed a combination of laziness, circumstance, and...well, laziness I guess. So what.

2:30am. Hittin' the mother lode in my chalupa costume.

I'll aim for a better week of running this time. Maybe some snow will come along and freshen things up around here.

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