Sunday, October 2, 2011

Partial Return to Running and Other News

I'd like to say I'm back, but it wouldn't be entirely accurate. I'm running enough to keep anxiety, man boobs, and unemployment-induced depression at arm's length, albeit rather unsuccessfully. Though rest has been the only semblance of medical advice I've obtained for the low, low price of $400 dollars, It's done no good. Days off yield as much pain as days on. I've become only an occasional trail runner, but hitting the roads every day to try to maintain some fitness. Once some money comes in, I'm heading to physical therapist Scott Hadley to expedite the healing process. I'd love to do a long winter ultra to redeem myself for the shit show at Hallucination this year.

In Other News:
The break from trail running(and sanity) came in the form of the New York City Barefoot Run weekend, where I took a little break from thinking about ultras and discussed running's present and future with some great minds on the running scene. Well-known magazine staff, medical professionals, elite athletes, and run bloggers were coralled into the basement of the Ace Hotel in New York for a round table discussion. This put my mind at ease - I was slightly suspicious that a poser like me would be just valuable and fast enough to be hunted by one of New York's status seeking socialites for sport(there's a good Jean-Claude Van
Damme Movie on the subject). What ended up ensuing was enlightening on many levels. It reinforced me to pursue excellence in a world of mediocrity. I realized that passion for something trumps "natural ability." We have to stop listening to those who attempt to keep us confined by expectations and assumed standards. More importantly, I've learned that I need a sexy sugar momma to support my desired lifestyle of travel and random physical activity! The fun I had with Jason, Shelly, Kate, Pablo, Trisha, and Christian were unforgettable. I think the best part was that we hardly ever talked about running when we were outside of the Merrell round table discussion. We acted like we'd known each other forever, when (in the case of all but Jason and Shelly, my family of travelling gypsies) we'd just met in person for the first time.

Christian Peterson, Jason Robillard, Me, Krista Cavender, Kate Kift, Trisha Reeves, Shelly Robillard
Several hours of shenanigans left to go.

Shelly, Christian, Kate, Me, Jason, Krista, and NY native Chris VanDyke sportin' the tutu.
Just after showing up 3 hours late to the Barefoot Run. Governor's Island, NY.
Merrell put this awesome event together, and I can't thank them enough for their their contribution to running and encouraging people to get outside. One of the best things I'd heard was at the beginning, when we were told to value "truth over harmony." Knowing how people truly feel is much more important than pleasing them.

Me chillin' at the round table discussion with the Merrell Crew, some staff from Running Times,
and a beer. My life ain't bad. Photo: Christian Peterson
I got to meet running world celebs like Chris McDougal and the like, but mostly in a "Hi. How are you. You won't remember me in 10 minutes" kind of way. Can't blame the guy. Class act. We were even both sporting our Branca Sandals.

It was an amazing weekend. and if I had my druthers, a sample of what my life will be like: great friends new and old, challenges of all kinds, and contributing something to get more people enjoying the outdoors. Each roundtable member was asked to contribute a song to a barefoot running playlist, one that we enjoy while we run. Here's mine:

In (Other)Other News:
I'm off to West Virginia(I think) to help Shelly crew and pace for Jason at the Grindstone 100 this weekend. Being on the disabled list has given me the opportunity to help two people who have helped me more times than I can count. Given the rough terrain, my pacing will be limited, but good times surely won't. If I do follow through with a winter ultra, I'll have to build up some major points to get Robillard's candy ass to crew for me in the tundra. This should help.

I also used my newfound urban surroundings to perfect my parkour!
Happy trails, literal or otherwise.

I feel like my blog is too serious sometimes....Fart, Tallywhacker, Kate Kift.


  1. Dude what happened, those pictures look like they were taken through a frickin kaleidoscope . . .

  2. Boob, Tiitie, BUM!!! If it is any consolation, my running is a long time coming back, but it will get there. Don't be so hard on yourself; greatness will come because you are - on the inside - great :)

    You do need a lighter blog post. I suggest you buy a halloween TUTU and go for a small trail run :) Show us and we can all giggle at you ;)