Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Funk if I Know

I'm in a funk to end all funks. Injury, being back home, lack of anything to do, no races set in the schedule. What we have here is a loss of momentum.

This is the first time in my life that I feel less fit than I was a year ago. A year ago this month, I won a 50miler, tied for first in a 50miler, and qualified for Boston by 15 minutes. Now...not so much. I'm surely overreacting, but knowing I have to work hard just to return to my previous state is a pain. I refer you the case of the itsy bitsy spider.

As bummed out as I was, things are starting to look up on the movement front. I've found that once I can start moving about and running at a decent level, life starts to fall into place. I'm back to either running twice daily or a combinaiton of running and exercising(usually cutting, hauling, and splitting firewood or biking). Knee pain is at a minimum as long as I don't overdo it and listen to my body. Even the slight increase in activity has caused my diet to improve, despite my recent accidental discovery of Taco Bell's Chalupa. That ode deserves its own blog post.

I've got a few things brewing career wise, but am also considering dropping back into college for the umpteenth time, getting my Master's and putting off full adulthood a bit longer.

Life's still up in the air, but that's better than being at rock bottom.


  1. It is depressing knowing that I am doing 25 mpw and struggling with pain when a year ago we did a marathon on a whim, got a BQ, and broke PRs in any distance we wanted.


  2. Given the current state of the economy, going back to school sounds pretty attractive! Maybe there is a Master's program of interest at CU (Boulder)...

    Curly from City Slickers refers to finding that "one thing". I wonder with runners (and injuries) if we perhaps need "two things". It's brutal how the wheels seem to fall off life when we can't run.

    Oh, and you need to drop the chalupa or else your running blog could turn into a Morgan Spurlock "Supersize Me"-esque journey into the abyss!