Sunday, October 16, 2011


AM-8 miles at Hoffmaster with Ryan. Near perfect running weather as the better part  of fall starts to make its exit.

PM-2 miles down the gravel road and back just for the sake of a double.

AM- 7 miles at Muskegon State Park. The weather was perfect and I ran all the singletrack I normally can't even find.

AM-1hr 10m. Call it 8 miles. Ran around the state park, climbed some sand dunes, and ran on the beach.
PM- cut, split, and stacked wood, then went for a 14 mile bike ride with Sam.

AM-11 miles at Cannonsburg SGA with Evan. Burritos and debauchery to follow. Evan and I run similar race times, but he always seems to train at a higher intensity. Glad I have friends to drag me along when I'm feeling lazy.

7 miles - Very relaxed and focused on form over speed. Relaxed the legs and focused on just swinging the elbows back, not crossing the midline with my hands. Extended my usual easy loop by a couple miles, thinking it was a bit longer. I just sort of let the miles flow and let the speed come without feeling my legs. Shorter than planned, but faster as well. I brought the Garmin for the occasional obligatory checkup. Splits went a little something like this: 7:54, 7:03, 6:43, 6:43, 6:32, 6:15, 8:30 cooldown. Started to have a twinge of shin pain from compensating for the bum knee, so I headed home.

I tried to get a few shots of me running to see if I'm still favoring my right knee.
Seems to be flexing normally.

...but the thousand words a picture is worth is still hard to go by.
Saturday and Sunday
0 miles. I wasn't even hurting, but just caught in the general malaise that seems to be plaguing me since returning home. My body(knee specifically) is feeling increasingly better, and now I seem to be experiencing more mental struggle to get my ass in gear. Maybe it's a positive mechanism for the time being, one to keep me from rushing back into higher mileage. If I can keep moving most days of the week, and manage a monthly long run of marathon distance or greater, I should be able to maintain or at least prevent a further decline in health.

Total: 41 miles and some cross training. It's not much, but it's a hell of a lot better than what I've been doing. I'm thinking I'll shoot for steady improvement.

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