Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A quick check-in

Life has been a whirlwind lately. I wrapped up my internship, moved out of my trailer, was homeless for a few days, raced the Pikes Peak Marathon, and drove back to Michigan, all in less than a week. Now life is more up in the air than ever. I went from the top of the world(somewhat literally- 14,115') to being a recent college grad who awoke in his childhood bed once again in his parents house. Pimpin' aint easy.

Sam and me waiting for the press conference in Manitou Springs

One of the only podiums this lowly jogger will ever stand on.
Touring the US Olympic Training Center

...or is it? Ok, just an age group award, but cut me some slack.

Praxis? We talkin' 'bout praxis?
 A real writeup on the race to follow, but for now, discharge orders for work and trying to adjust to flat ground and god awful humidity. I'll be at the North Country Trail 50, Marathon, and Half, but just as a volunteer and amateur photographer.

Thanks to the few sponsors and the many friends who have made this the best summer ever.

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