Monday, August 8, 2011

I Seem to Dislike Numbers Lately

I've been semi-diligently keeping record of my mileage for over a year now. Some of the weeks have been good, others pretty damned laughable.

For the past couple weeks, my time on a computer has been spent responding to emails or sitting in my office(okay, OR planning which bar to go to).

Since my post about Pikes Peak Marathon, I've put up some decent days of running, but haven't really been recording it. Averaging about 10-14 miles a day, but taking 2 days off for a campout in Estes Park. A few ascents of Green Mountain here in Boulder, a nice faster effort on the trails of Chatauqua with ultra beast Ely P, and an amazingly beautiful 5 hour excursion with Jason Robillard at Indian Peaks Wilderness Area.

I foolishly left my camera in the car,
so all you get to see is the two bums that uglied up the trail.

Jason seems to have hopped on the short shorts bandwagon.

I'm in a state of shock about my stay in Boulder being over already. A mud race with Sam next weekend, Pikes Peak the next, and I'm home. A return home is comforting and terrifying all at once. For some reason, I thought I'd have life sorted over these three months. I've only learned just how lost I am, and just how I'd love for it to stay that way.

sunrise in Eldora as Jason and I left the Hessie trailhead


  1. As long as the "lost" is a geographic reality rather than a personal struggle, I think you're good. In this case, I think all is well. Good luck in your training.

  2. Two unrelated questions:

    1. How'd you get a hold of the NB MT110's? Are you allowed to talk about them? New Balance has been playing these shoes really close to the vest, and seem to be in no hurry to release them to the masses.

    2. What does your gut say about returning long term to Boulder in the future? I'm checking out the town in a couple weeks, and have a hunch I might not leave :) Any downsides to the town, aside from housing prices?

  3. David,
    1. I'm not supposed to openly talk about the shoes, but I'm a wear tester for NB. They don't really seem to care if I'm seen in them, but I'm supposed to write reviews or anything.

    2. It's a great town, and I like it here quite a bit. I'm hoping to move back soon. I'm going back to MI for a bit, but will be looking at moving back to Boulder if a good job comes around. It's a great place, but I have plenty more exploring to do. Its definitely not a "quiet little mounbtain town," but more a liberal college town with some mountains next door. Check out Longmont for way cheaper housing.

  4. scratch that first one- I'm *not* supposed to write reviews.