Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back to Business

AM-6 miles - Mount Sanitas before a meeting. At 8:30am, it was already pushing 80 degrees. Looks like I'll be doing my afternoon run in the dark. 2 miles of climbing followed by 3 miles of descent, then a gradual climb on the streets back to work downtown. Fantastic run. despite not eating breakfast, I still felt pretty good.

PM-4 mles - Just the typical loop on the Goose/Boulder Creek Greenways. Running in the dark is fun. Admittedly, I'm a bit of a manchild who gets freaked out in the dark. Made for a much needed farltek workout.

PM-5 miles - Just a run about town and on the Boulder Creek Path. Not enough time to hit the trails this morning since I had to report to the Res a 6:30. Still managed to get muddy and sweat a lot. These runs serve little purpose other than to practice my "comfortably fast" pace for long races(extra emphasis on the comfy part).

AM-9 miles - Met up with Ely and Archie for the typical route up Gregory and Ranger, then Down Bear Canyon to Mesa. I hadn't run that route in nearly 2 weeks, and it felt great to get on it again, even if I'm still not 100% yet. Ely and I compared notes on Leadville and casually did the route. I was nearly late for work, showing up to a staff meeting with all the stank of the day on me.

6 miles - Planned on going up Green again, but got light-headed inexplicably. Headed up Green Man to the Saddle Rock Trail instead. Good run other than the near fainting spell. Damn my finicky body.

8 miles - Chatauqua toGregory Canyon to Long Canyon to Green Mtn West Ridge to Summit then played with chipmunk for 10 minutes then Greenman to Gregory to Chataqua to McDonalds. Not feeling creative enough to use sentences. I was in a pretty good groove coming down Greenman, I took my eyes off of my feet for one second to look up and see ultra legend Scott Jurek standing there. I'm sure I had a "deer in the headlights" look for a second or thirty, then we exhanged pleasantries before I bolted down the hill again. Pretty cool to share trails with my running role models. Playing with a chipmunk was also pretty awesome. Why the hell are they so tame on the summit of the mountain?

AM- 5 miles - 5 miles on the Goose Creek and Boulder Creek paths. My parents were in town, so I thought it would be a good way to show them some of Boulder while I got a short workout in. They rode bikes with me, so I had them pedal at a comfortable pace while I tried to keep up.

The Flatirons, Me, and Dad on the bike. Photo: Mom

a couple miles of barefoot on the Creek Path.
PM- 3 miles - A little stair workout.

Stairs across from the Cog Railway Station at Pikes Peak
Reportedly 1.5 miles up to the top.
My friend Rob Sanchez told me about this "stair workout" some of the olympians do when trainin in Colorado Springs. My family and I were waiting for our train up to the Summit when we noticed the stairs. I then realized it was the stair set Rob was talking about. The time was 3:15. The train was leavin at 4. I made it to the top and back by 3:55, much to the dismay of my agitated, yet not suprised family. A bit of an impromptu climb in my khaki shorts. I bruised my hands a couple times from falling on the loose gravel.

4 miles - Hiking on Green Mounntain with the parents. They were brave for a couple of sea level dwellers. Not a great deal of training merit, but I tried to practice my "power hiking" and stair climbing as I slowly trudged up the mountain.
Almost to the Summit

Have you ever seen anything more touristy than this?

Total: 50 miles. Mostly good stuff as I ease back into running after Leadville. I played the recovery pretty cool since I don't have any races coming up in the immediate future...or do I?

I'm not sure which made for better training - my entirely running based life back at WMU, with its unchallenging terrain and high quality, high volume training, or my career based life here in Boulder, with its inconsistent, high quality trail running? Like it or not, I have to learn to share the rest of my life with running if I want to be a balanced person.

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