Thursday, May 5, 2011

End of an Era

This is my last week here at WMU. A couple finals, some paperwork, and I leave with a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science. It just doesn't feel like it should be over yet. I'll go home for a couple weeks(after I get my accumulation of shit out of my room here in Kalamazoo), Then head off to New York for the 12hour. After the 12 hour is one of the most important journeys I've embarked on in my life- I'm moving to Boulder, Colorado with my girlfriend to work for the Summer at a therapeutic recreation internship. I'll undoubtedly be running, but I'm more excited to explore the mountains, myself, and my potential career, not to mention putting up a resistance to being domesticated by beautiful significant other(she's particularly laid back, but I'm equally as unrefined in my current level of sloth).

0- got about 40 minutes of cardio while bike commuting, then did a few strengthening exercises. After the long run Sunday, a few weaknesses showed themselves. Weak gluteus medius muscles and core muscles needed some work. Carrying the water bottle(and big ass slushy) for so long required core stability in the transverse plane, so the obliques were sore the next day. Some lunges and squats, as well as the 4 way hip machine and some core exercises.

AM - 5 miles - Nice cruise around the loop at Al Sabo. Kept the pace even at around 7:10ish for the first 4, then took it easy on the way back. I'm developing a habbit of running my short runs fast. Maybe it's a good thing that I'm finally slowing down my slow runs and speeding up the fast ones, instead of just going slow all the time. Enjoyed a little warmth. I haven't gotten hot enough to actually soak my curly afro in sweat for a while, so it felt nice.

PM - 10 miles - Joey met me at my place to do a workout on the Arboretum loop. A three-ish mile warmup, then a cool gravel loop that happens to be exactly 1200m(well, as exact as a Garmin can get). I got 3 repeats at around 6ish pace, then fell apart. I did some short, explosive bursts up some technical hills and ran some of the singletracks nearby while Joey cranked out a couple more 1200s. I found out where 3 weeks off takes its toll. I'll have to put some serious work in to get that 5:10-5:20ish snap back into my legs. Oh well, a fun time running in the mud while it rained on and off.

10 miles - Ran at Al Sabo...suprise! I actually found a new trail, just when I thought I explored every inch of the place. I found a small loop that circles a pond, where I decided to lay down and take a short nap. The running was fairly quick, somewhere around a 7:30 pace. Stopped off at the KVCC track for 1.5 miles of barefoot in the grass(garmin said about 6:20 pace, but that seemed a little fast). Even though I stopped intermittently to sit and watch the blue jays, it still felt like a good workout.

35 miles...on a bike ride. Did some sweet shreddin' with Shredward Scissorhands(aka Evan G). Rode around in the rain on some of the sweet Kalamazoo greenways, enjoying some good times and a delicious pilsner along the way. Great ride. If I have make time for a run today, it could be a good training day. Nice.

6 miles - Hiked out at Al Sabo for a couple hours, having a few IPAs and finishing up a book (Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac, as recommended to me by Angie). After that, had a nice 6 miler with Joey and Alex, who seems to have made a triumphant return from the dead. All the beer earlier in the day seemed to have given me...ummm...GI distress. Damned craft beer. I'm sticking with PBR as my choice alcoholic long run fuel from now on. The hike was awesome, as was the farewell to Al Sabo Land preserve. Having some time on my feet that wasn't running felt pretty good as well. Too bad the 12 hour race is so close, because the weather is finally beautiful.

A windy day at graduation.
0 miles...but I graduated!

3 miles easy with Sam. Returned a library book and enjoyed some sun. First small sunburn of the year.

34 miles of running
35 miles of biking
1 half assedly done core workout
1 Bachelor's of Science in Exercise Science
1 awesome party at KBo's house
1 lease signed for a summer house in Boulder, CO

No where near the fittest dude around, but I'm a shoo in for the happiest.

Another week of low mileage, but it was a busy, fun 7 days. I'll take it. Low mileage coupled with altitude makes me think that I'll have to start a "couch to 5k" program when I get to Boulder. In the words of Dad, "Who gives a shit?"

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  1. Congratulations on graduation!
    Also what an exciting time for you. Hope that New York is stellar and that you SO enjoy Boulder. The mountains are intoxicating...