Sunday, April 17, 2011

AM - 3 miles - 1.5 to chem class barefoot and wearing my backpack. The warm weather and naked feet made this short, boring trek less boring. Faced the wrath of the shoe police in the lecture building. It's a sensitivity not unlike that on the very soles of my ever so socially offensive feet. I have to get my feet used to rough pavement, and my reluctantly rebellious side used to getting hassled by the Fuzz. 1.5 home. There's something inherently glorious about hearing a guy in a Hummer yell, "Put some shoes on, you hippie!" as I trot down the sidewalk. I'm not really out to make a statement, just to add some variety to a rather stagnant running regimen. My upcoming change of scenery gives me a strong desire for the unexplored. Taking my shoes off pacifies the urge for the time being.

PM - 7 miles - Stopped off at the Kal-Haven trailhead on my way to work. Did a quick 3.5 miles out, then back to the car. I managed some semi-quick miles, but I'm nowhere near 100% yet. 7:20 ish pace overall. A couple fast ones, a couple slow ones, but a nice time on a flat trail in the woods. All I could hear were birds, wind, and my wheezing and crackling lungs. Beautiful day.

9 miles - Parked on the other end of Al Sabo today. Running from a different launching point broke up the monotony of feeling the same feelings at each mile marker. It was enough to make it more interesting, as was the perfect weather. Ran steadily, but my respiratory tract still isn't up to a tempo effort yet. It was a beautiful day, but I still felt Blah. Gotta keep my head up.

Class from 9-11, work from 12-8, now I sit in the library until it closes. Wednesday just doesn't look like a running day, despite the perfect weather. Too busy fighting off anxiety attacks about my possible failure of chemistry...again.

1.5 miles- Had my Vibrams in my backpack(sealed in a large freezer bag of course) so I could at least get some fresh air on the run home from the library. Its not that I don't trust this shady college town/ghetto scene at 1:00am, but...yeah, that's actually precisely why I ran home. I'm a half-sick, nerdy looking kid with a scrawny runner's build! I'm just asking to be robbed this late at night!

5 miles - I'm feeling better, but hesitant to push it. My legs still feel happy and fresh, but a session of playing in the hills made me hack and cough. I had a decent pace going, but the discrepancy between my legs and my lungs/respiratory tract has me playing it safe. The trails are in great shape and are finally starting to firm up after a long winter in the lowland areas. I used the relaxed nature of the run to do a long overdue loop of observation in my favorite spots at Al Sabo.

5 miles - Got called off work, so I went for an easy run. I wanted the goal to be just to focus on form and try to find a steady pace that felt easy and efficient. I know it's not what you read in all the form lessons, but I feel that there is a cruising speed that people have that is the optimal pace to cover a distance easily. Since the run was fairly short, I opened it up and focused on being smooth. I was breathing heavily, but just kept going with it, not wanting the kick in the balls I usually get when I check the Garmin. Ran a fun route that had me jumping over landscaping rocks, climbing some old stairs made of railroad ties, and sprinting across driveways in traffic(maybe the inherent danger of "suburban running" helped the pace). I did a cooldown mile from the Wendy's to my house, then checked the watch- 6:40 pace! I was pretty excited, but glad because it felt fast and didn't want to be disappointed. Not looking at the watch during the run helped me focus on feel instead of numbers, but having it track the run help me associate a feeling with the pace. I think my body is finally recovering from being sick.

Friday - 3 miles - Ran from my house to the Rec for Relay for Life. I stayed for about and hour, then ran to a meeting, then Beer Exchange for some...nutrients. That's about it for the running for the day, mostly due to time constraints. The goal for the week was to slowly get back into consistent running, even if it's not much, but every day.

Saturday - Hey, cool, My cold/fever/secreting orifices/bulging eyeballs are back! I suppressed the symptoms long enough to accompany my friend and partner in crime Kelly to her banquet where she received the Presidential scholarship. I realized that since my role was to be "arm candy," be witty and let women play with my hair, that I'm officially a man-bimbo. I don't know what women are complaining about. It's awesome. Not to get sappy, but I was proud to be there. I'm usually not a fan of awards, but seeing great people getting honored for great accomplishments is awesome. It was also the marking of 6 years that Samantha and I have been together. I've spent a quarter of my life with the same girl by my side. She's seen my at my best, and she's seen me the other 99% of the time. I might be young and stupid, but I hope she wants to see me grow old and stupid.

Sunday - 0 miles - I slept almost 14 hours again last night, so I woke up in time to eat lunch and head back to school. Here I sit now, trying not to fail chemistry for the 3rd time in a row. I have a f$%king 3.7 GPA! How do I manage to fail a general chemistry class TWICE. I'm totally willing to farm this work out if anyone's interested.

So here I sit, just less than a month away from my first ultra of the year, the Mind the Ducks 12 Hour in New York. I feel like crap, but my legs are fresh. My tentative plan is to run high mileage for 3 weeks, then commence a sharp but well-executed taper. I'll probably do 1 long run of about 5 hours, but mostly doubles of shorter distances and tempo efforts. I'm fit enough and have the base to improve from last year, but I need to get my running legs back under me before it's too late. A few weeks ago, I ran 37 miles with no tapering, 3 hours of sleep, and fueled by beer, and ran the next day. Exactly 1 year prior to that, I ran 34 miles on the same course...about 40 seconds/mile slower(in an actual race-I just ran it this year)...with a taper...and properly fueled. I couldn't walk for a week. This improvement over a year slightly negates the worries I have about not running jack shit over the past 3 weeks. There's still hope of a decent performance at MTD, provided I can string together a couple solid weeks of running and shake this cold.

Pardon the babbling.

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