Monday, April 25, 2011

Making a Selfish Activity More Selfless: A Run for NF

Running several miles alone on the roads or in the trails makes me feel a bit of remorse at times. I'm spending all this time and energy trying to build a body that can cover long distances quickly, but for what? Am I helping anyone? Am I making the world a better place? I'm a healthy, able, motivated man child, so I often wonder if my labor could be better served by helping others.  It's times like these that I am able to run to solve problems instead of simply running away from them.

As some of you may know, I was planning on running a 12 hour shift at the Relay for Life event on Western Michigan University's campus to raise money for the cause. Due to a few unfortunate changes in the schedule, I wasn't able to pull it off. Due to a poor weather forecast, the event was moved to an indoor venue. This severely limited space and wouldn't allow for me to run or track mileage for my would-be donors(funds were to be raised on a "per lap" basis). I was also struggling with being sick, so perhaps it was for the best.

Last year at Relay, I was able to raise money by being forced into a last minute drag show...yeah. Running in circles for 12 hours sounds like a much less painful alternative. I'm not one to turn down a chance to make a fool of myself, so I had a go at the title of "Mr. Relay."
Does the world really want to see this again? I suppose there is less exposed skin than my usual running attire.

The world has a way of giving us second chances. My good friend Mark Robillard has given me the honor and opportunity to help him raise money for Neurofibromatosis.

Jessica, Mark's niece, was diagnosed with the disease over ten years ago. Mark has done numerous events in order to raise money for research and support for those suffering from this condition. NF is a genetic disease that cause an uncontrolled growth of tumors near cranial nerve VIII, affecting auditory and visual function. Most patients suffer loss of these senses. Jessica is an amazing girl, who has been on our local news, as well as Good Morning America, to raise awareness for others who have NF. Her resilience is something we should all emulate. She's also a talented artist.

Mark's page can be found by clicking this link. The site is quick and easy to use. He's more of a social networking mastermind than I am, so he's quite good at getting the word out. Help us raise money to the courageous people and families who deal with this disease every day.

A flat donation can be made on Mark's page, or we can make this interesting. How many miles am I capable of in 12 hours? I ran 64 last year. Anybody want to set a goal for me, making a donation if I meet it? I'm open to the idea of any challenges, and willing and eager to run hard. Help me bring out the best in myself and raise money to support those who need our help!

Again, this is my alternative to running to raise money for NF. Keep me off the streets and donate!
Left to Right: Austin Williams, Kelly Bosier, Adam Sefcheck, Kelly Frame, Me in my RuPaul costume
(Photos: Abbey Goetz)


  1. Oh man. I've already pledged 50 cents a mile to Mark. I would be nervous to include you in this... I could go broke real fast... I'll think about it... Either way, cool beans man.

  2. my highest mileage week this year was 82 miles. so...if you hit 82, i'll pledge $82.00?

    hahaha, that's the best idea i could come up with!? well...yes. honestly, i'll donate regardless! i'm a sucker for good causes.

    bet's off if you post any more dress photos, though.

    keep slayin it!