Sunday, March 13, 2011

The love/hate relationship between myself and my wind bags

AM- 4 miles- Ran to class, then did a quick chest/core workout, ran home while eating an awesome veggie pita. I realized that without school, I'll need some damned good reasons for wandering around aimlessly and enjoying myself. The working world tends to frown upon that.

PM- 2 miles - did a little jogging on the treadmill.

PM - 4 miles - 2 warm up, 10 minutes at 6:05ish pace(so, 1.6ish?), 1 mile cooldown. I was meant to do another 10 minute set, but I felt awful. My lungs actually felt ok, but I have a substantial amount of lingering fatigue from a week of being sick. Jogged a little more to catch the bus. Other than 10 minutes of tempo, combination of slow, easy running that totaled up to 10 miles. I'll take it I guess.

AM - 8 miles at Al Sabo. The trails were muddy and icy, but it felt great to touch grass and dirt with my feet again. It actually took some adjustment to run on something other than ice. The lowlands still had snow, but anything with sun exposure was dry and warm. Gorgeous.
My 100s have evolved into sandals, yet they're still better than the 101s.
brush cuts, mud, rocks, shorts! Spring is upon us, my friends!
PM - 7 miles - 2 to the feild house, a few warm up laps, sprint drills, then 8x300 workout .Watchless- I just wanted to run as hard as my lungs would take me on this "rehab week." A fun workout with some good company. We had a good amount of people at the workout tonight. The more people we have, the more fun I have. It takes away the business-like feel when people of different abilities an motivations mix it up. 2 miles home with Phil and Alex.

This was an unusually splendid day of running that refreshed me and helped me restore a little faith in myself.

8 miles - Honestly, wasn't too motivated to run in the rain after my AM classes, so I just banked on a decent effort with Joey and Evan for the night run. An 8 mile out/back route, 4 miles of long hills on the way out, and speedy, long downhills on the way back. Just a hair under 7 minute pace, and I dont ever remember to shut off my watch for stops, so it was a good effort for an easy run. It was wet, but the temperature was nearly perfect. Finished up with some of Evan's home-brewed coffee stout and some chillin' on the porch. Excellent way to salvage what would have been a pretty lazy day.

AM- 4 miles- Went to brave the cold air at Al Sabo. Just a light spitting of snow when I started, but turned into quite a little flurry by the time I was done. My legs felt fairly beat from yesterday's "easy run"(those bastards), so I couldn't really squeeze much speed out of them. Anything in the 8min/mile range hurt, so I saved some for the speedwork tonight...(My last post has more on the revelations of this day. It's boring).

PM- 6 miles - 1st workout this year on the outdoor track! It was wet and cold, but I'll be damned if coach didnt have us out there anyway. The workout went exceedingly well considering how stiff and achy I felt this morning. 7x800(2:55, 2:58, 2:50, 2:48, 2:45, 2:38, 2:37), then some jogging on the track and watching Alex and Joey fly around. I intended to do 8 repeats, but I could feel my form get a little sloppy, so I left one in the bag. Alex was shooting for a 2:20ish 800, so Joey and I led him on the last 200. Alex did well, and I even managed a fast 200 out of the deal(0:37ish). We had a good group today(Joey, Evan, Alex, Phil, Josh, and myself) and a fun atmosphere that was conducive to some good running. Shit, even Coach was in a good mood.

Today is a perfect example of my split personality at work. Morning "run" inspired by Thoreau, Afternoon run inspired by...I can't think of any famous runners right now. Bannister I guess.

AM- not hap'nin. Ran across the street to catch the bus.
PM- 8 miles - The trails at Al Sabo just keep getting less and less icy. The run was slow and painful, but I ran steadily for the entire distance, more than I've been able to say on usual runs there. By then end, I finally felt loosened up. I then put on some warmer clothes and hiked another 2 miles, stopping to read in the grass. I managed to find a spot that was out of the cold wind, but still in the warm sun. Didn't get a whole lot done, but enjoyed the afternoon. I ran the last mile or so back after reading to warm myself up and felt suprisingly springy. There must be some restorative effect of being outside.

14 miles - This run doesn't go in the "ordinary" category. Ran 1.5 miles, then decided to get some food at Qdoba. Veggie burrito, chips and salsa, mellow yellow soda. I ate my lunch in the resteraunt, then ran out. If I wanted to get my 10 in for the day, I'd continue running away from my place until my watch read 5 miles. I got distracted and turned onto the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail, which turns into the Kal-Haven Trail leading to South Haven. I ended up running a few miles on the Kal-Haven, then turned onto an unknown backroad. I somehow got turned around and was heading in the wrong direction. Ended up closer to home than I feared. Did some pick-ups the last mile just so the entire run wasn't slow. The bursts of speed felt great; I should have done them earlier in the run to perk my dead legs up.

5 miles - Windy, boring, painful run on congested streets. I ran arduously slow for some reason and couldn't pick up the pace. Decided not to push it since I want to get a good start in for next week. I haven't even looked at the clock all day, but somehow dayligh savings time has still made me sleepy.

70 miles - After looking back on this week, it certainly feels like more than 70 miles. My legs feel alright, but something about the amount of time spent running this week felt a bit off. As daylight increases, Im hoping for the opportunity to extend easy runs.

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