Friday, March 4, 2011

Burnin' this motha down

Remember in elementary school when we learned that wildfires keep eco systems healthy by clearing out overgrowth for bigger, more complex organisms?

Well, that has little to do with what I'm talking about.

I think a similar event is happening with my life. The last two weeks have consisted of less running than I've done in about 2 years. Sickness, malaise, and missing skin have turned me into one of the walking dead. Im on my last college spring break of my undergraduate college career. Planning on making this a "kick off" of sorts to the spring season of running, I wanted to do several solo trips on trails I've missed since fall, but they've yet to clear. Returning home for a week has rid me of my joggin' mojo, mostly in the form of debilitating athsma. I type this now, taking a break from staring at my ceiling fan and listen to my lungs wheeze and feeling my heart race in response to my nebulizer treatments. How did I go from an aspiring ultrarunner to a buble boy in a matter of days? Life's funny sometimes. If life is anything other than random, then maybe this series of events has prevented me from starting a good training season with burnout.

Im sure I'll make a quick recovery, even if things are looking a little bleak at the moment. Taking this setback as a reset rather than a disaster is the way to go. If I didn't learn it on hunting trips with my dad in the frozen swamps near Kalkaska, I learned it on overnight runs in the summer: Its always coldest before dawn.

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