Monday, February 28, 2011

A weak week

I can't believe I feel so wrecked this week. Though early, I think I'll take this week as an easy period for two reasons. The first is that running in this broken state sucks. The second is that my school's spring break is next week, which frees up quite a bit of time for running places further away, places that I normally dont get to visit. I'll try to rest my legs this week for some fun training runs in the next.
3 miles- A bit of a hectic schedule today. Lower legs still feeling brittle and achy. I managed three barefoot miles on a treadmill. with the grade set at 10% and the speed at 7mph. I have no idea what that means, but treadmills sure are boring.
7 miles - I visited Sam at GVSU for a couple days, so I had a small change in scenery. Left her place and ran some country roads, which eventually took me to the Grand River. The trails were snowed in with ice chunks underneath, which really slowed my a walk. It was cool watching the gigantic islands of ice floating down the river, colliding and drifting apart. The only sounds I could hear were the wind in the trees and the ice crashing together. When I closed my eyes, it sounded like chaos. When I opened them, it looked like an orchestrated dance. Nature has that amazing capability. Something about watching a river pass before me made me lose all concept of time and forget that I was standing in ankle deep ice with no socks on. I soon noticed that it was time to meet Samantha for lunch, so I pressed on, breaking first snow on the campus trails and making my way to her apartment. A great way to spend an hour and a half outside, even with achy legs.

A shot of the river, but in a different spot where the ice wasn't flowing so heavily

Boring country roads, but at least the sun was shining to warm up the cold wind

 2 miles - Wow, when I give myself permission to rest, my lazy side takes full advantage. I know the weather sucks, but damn, do I not feel like running today. I know once I get out, I'll be fine and enjoy the rare view of all the frozen trees, but knowing that the trails look like an icy minefield and the sidewalks are...well...sidewalks, I simply can't help but sit and fantasize about spring.

Ended up doing 2 miles on the treadmill again. I have no idea what 8 mph at 10% grade means, but I was sweating. My client likes some company when she does her aerobic workouts, so I've been suffering on the treadmill while she hammers out eliptical or bike miles.
AM - 6 miles - I woke up this moring planning on doing a boring road run just to get it out of the way. It was then that I noticed that the snow was of a perfect consistency for traction. I changed my plans and headed to Al Sabo for a long overdue trail outing. The ice storm here left me with a great place to explore. This small nature preserve and I seem to have developed a bit of a relationship. I was once bored with it, but then began to get so familiar that I noticed all the little changes that take place as time progresses. After leaving the evergreen part of the preserve, running in the ice covered oak put me into a world of contrast. The sky was white, covered entirely with mid-day clouds in front of the sun. The trees seemed black, waterlogged from melting ice. The ice and snow seemed only white as it covered the ground, trees, and shrubbery. I was there for about 1.5 hours, stopping at all of my usual spots to take a few seconds to observe. The ice covered branches swayed in the wind, clinking together like the windchimes on a front porch.

Apparently, ice is rather heavy.

The only thng that could provide some contrast was my pink skin.

Standard view from the lookout tower. Hard not to just stare for a while when I sit there.

0 miles. Spent the morning in the library, then headed to Allendale, then home for the night.
180 miles...of snowmobiling. Had an amazing ride with my family and some friends. 11 hours of rough trails beat me up badly enough, so I simply couldn't manage a run after getting home at 11pm.
26 miles- A lakeshore run the Jason, Jeremiah, Mark, and Rick. Took Scenic drive along Lake Michigan from Muskegon State Park to Whitehall. I left all of my "road worthy" shoes back at school, so I borrowed a certain pair of MINIMal ROAD shoes from Jason. Jeremiah and I ended up tacking on some extra miles, and both enexpectedly got some blisters. As I sit here applying anti-biotics and trying to air out this pustulent mess on my foot, I fear that it may put me out of comission for a couple days. There goes my plan for a high-mileage spring break.

Mine wasn't that bloody, but it tore right down past the superficial layer of skin.

...And the award for grossest foot of the day goes to Jeremiah Cataldo.
44 miles...bllaaaaah
Notes from the week:
Frustration and freedom- For reasons unbeknownst to me, I became frustrated at the thought of being hurt. Im not "hurt" in the sense that I have any crippling pain, but wearing track spikes and running at a relatively fast pace gave my legs a beating from the knees down. Every run starts out well, but the dull, achy "long run" feeling creeps in after only a few miles. This inability to steadily increase mileage had me flustered and concerned for the upcoming season of runnnig. Then the answer hit me in the form of a question- who cares? My notoriously "B"(okay, maybe B+) efforts have served me well in the past, and Im its feeling more comfortable and effective as time wears on. I realize that work is required for improvement, but work and struggle aren't mutually exclusive. I'll let the miles come to me and enjoy myself; It's how I've gotten where I am, and I can probably squeeze out some more improvement before having to actually "train."

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  1. Holy crap, did Jeremiah get gangrene or something? He looks like he needs to cut some of those little piggies off!