Monday, February 28, 2011

Farm Boy to Mountain Man

I'm home for spring break, and had every intention of piling on the miles while I had some time off. Here I sit on day one...0 miles. I'd like to blame the exposed flesh on the bottom of my foot, but I feel as though my mileage wouldn't skyrocket in the event of sudden dermal regeneration. Haven't done much today, but the boredom and excess energy resulted in a fit of pushups. Oh, and I hauled in some groceries.

Maybe this lack of motivation stems from a growing boredom of winter. The trails are hit or miss when it comes to traction and traipsing around on the sloppy roads is no fun. Perhaps I'm preparing to give it hell once spring comes and my feet can touch dirt once again.

In other news, I've been offered an internship. This particular internship will be one that could advance my career, be rewarding, and give me experiences that will make me a better person. Oh, and its in Boulder, Colorado. No details yet, but I was officially offered the gig in Therapeutic Recreation. Details to come. All I know is that I'd better get my lazy, athsmatic lungs used to climbing mountains at elevation

A photo sent to me from my roomie Sara on spring break. I'd better get in shape by May.


  1. if you don't take this internship, you will regret it forever!

    i'll be out there sometime this year and i look forward to running, whining back and forth about michigan, lamenting leaving michigan because we love it so much and drinking transcendental amounts of beer.

    "keep ya head up"
    -2pac Shakur

  2. Sounds like a plan, P. I do take some comfort in knowing that two of the best cities for microbrewing are Kalamazoo, MI(current residence) and Boulder, CO(future residence). At least I wont be far from my security blanket.

    "You can do it, put your ass into it."
    -ice cube