Sunday, January 9, 2011

First full week of 2011

6 miles- The snow called me out for a last minute night run from Sam's house. It was dark, cold, and snowing like crazy, but was pretty enjoyable as it was pretty quiet. Planned on only doing four miles or so, but ended up doing six. The snow insulated the cold asphalt, so I got in a long overdue run in my Vibram KSOs. This run sort of set the tone for the week. Im not sure if it's the lack of sun, boredom, or the repetition of the same old routes, but I had a hard time getting my foot out the door.
7 miles- Once again, I stalled for nearly the entire day before just getting out the door and going for a run. Ran a nice 7 mile look at Muskegon State Park in the dark. My unpredictable difficulties with dizziness/spotty memory struck again as I ran the singletracks/deer runs in the park. I sat a minute or two to regain composure, then headed back to the car. This problem has yet to happen on a long or fast run, which makes in all the more confusing. Good run overall with lots of deer sightings. It was really strange to hear the waves colliding with ice on Lake Michigan, to be unable to see them in the dark. The fresh powder sitting atop frozen spots made for some tough navigation.
9 miles- Travelled back to Kalamazoo to help Abbey move and catch a long overdue run with Alex, Shawn, Steve, and Mark along with the rest of the Wednesday night group. I felt like a fish jumping back into water, joining the speedy group and running nice and easy at a good clip on the road.
13 miles- Met up with Rick, and Mark to run at Hoffmaster, but decided to go early to get some extra miles in. Explored some of the smaller singletracks  and stayed close to the beach, slipping and sliding on the icy trails. Met up the the guys for the last 5 before calling it a night.
10miles- Pretty flat, easy run from home on icy roads. The main roads were fairly busy, so I alternated between running on the icy shoulder, ankle deep slush, and occasionally the driving lane. I was suprised to find Samantha running the same loop. I think shes a closet ultrarunner. Upon crossing a busy road, I nearly did a "Dukes of Hazzard" hood slide. Note to self - non metropolitan drivers are generally unaware of pedestrian laws.
4 miles- nice hike around my home, running just fast enough to stay warm and get to where I wanted to go. Played aound with my camera and looked around behind the house. I haven't been back there in several years, so it was a very nostalgic feeling wandering behind the horse pasture where I spent my childhood.

A few more inches of snow, and this road looks like an ice tunnel.

One of the barn's security guards

An artifact from a previous life-and certainly one of the sources of my limp.

Unless I get some miles in the next few hours, put me down for a big fat goose egg.
49 miles
This week has been rather demoralizing for me. I attempted to steadily increase mileage the week, but was unable to do so. I fell to the vicious cycle of being idle. Nothing to do led to me doing nothing. Days would blur into each other and I found myself being less and less productive as time went on. I still had fun with family and friends, being a "normal" person for a while. It felt good, but I felt as if part of me was missing. Im happy to be back into the swing of things, but being home was great as well. I enjoyed the holidays, watched some good movies, and did a fair amount of sitting around. A highlight was finding a used copy of Incubus' album Monuments and Melodies. Im not sure if they're underrated, overrated, or just right, but they're one of the few bands that I've listened to since 7th grade and still haven't outgrown. Here's one of my favorites from the album.

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