Sunday, November 21, 2010


5 miles- short on time, so just a run to Kleinstock and back, then headed to class. I felt pretty good, and wish I could have run more.

0 Woke up(late) feeling sick. It got progressively worse throughout the afternoon, so I chose to forego running club. Rest seemed like a better option. I was hoping that resting early on would help me fight off the sickness and I could carry on tomorrow. What a long-winded justification for taking one inconsequential day off.

AM- 5 miles- I woke up with the sun and headed to Al Sabo for an easy trail run. No real training merit, but I love running around in these trails this time of year. The area was beautiful and the running was great. This was my first run in winter gear. I wore tights, a long-sleeved shirt, a hat, and gloves. Within 20 minutes, The gloves were off and I was sweating. Maybe 30 degrees isn't quite cold enough for winter gear yet.
PM- 7 miles- Met up with the "Wednesday Night Live" group at Gazelle Sports. Since most of us are in the "off" season, we kept the pace pretty mild with around 8:00-8:30/miles. Headed from the store to campus, then around by the Valley dorms, then a roundabout way back to the shop.

7 miles- ran to kleinstuck nature preserve, but only to help Joey with his workout. Ran with Alex, Joey, and Evan. Those guys are fast. I hate to be pessimistic, but I doubt that my talent lies in mid-distance running.

Friday-0 miles. Missed the prerunning of the Turkey Trot course with Evan and Alex. I should stop using my phone as an alarm clock. I vaguely remember picking my phone up in the morning and looking at it. maybe I turned the alarm off. Either way, I slept an extra 2 hours. Fail.

Satrurday- 8 miles(?)- 2.5 warmup on the track, some striders. WMU Turkey Trot 5k was an overall success. Each member of the club earned a top 10 spot. The course is a notoriously long 5k. With all the local talent at this particular race, its always suprising when the winning time is just under 17 minutes. Most people are typically off their normal 5k times by about 1 minute. No excuses of course, but an 18:00 time seemed a little slow for the amount of effort. Alex Poulsen, my training partner, friend, and running cyborg, "jogged" a 17:20, which was over a minute slower than his 5k pace last weekend.He started out in our pack, but then broke off when I started falling apart. I understand why- there were ample opportunities to do what he does best, which is to hunt people down and represent our club well. No worries. Evan and I ran the course together, as he wanted to run the course as a group. He stayed with me as I struggled through the course. He could have easily run faster, but chose to endure a slower pace and the dissappointed head shakes of our coach. Most of the fun was had warming up and cooling down on the track, seeing familiar faces and talking to other runners.

Sunday- 11 miles. Took a trail from Sam's place to the grand river, and ran on the trails near campus. Mostly trail run with some roads in there. Great cool, dark weather. I did a lot of exploring and running off-trail just to see where I ended up. climbed a lot of leaf-covered hills. I encountered the same pack of deer repeatedly, and they allowed me to ger within a few feet of them if I approached them quietly. Though the run was very relaxing, there were some good hill climb efforts that took my breath from me. The views from of the river were a pleasant change of scenery. Jumping over creeks, balancing on fallen logs, and maintaining solid footing over leaf-covered descents made for a slow pace and an awesome solo run. At one point, I encountered an old log that spanned a rather large gully. As I trotted along, I realized that I was on the log, but the log was about 10-12 feet from the ground. to make matters worse, I noticed that it was rotten! I kept running across as lightly as I could and hoped for the best. Maybe I'll save such reckless behavior for when someone is nearby to help from now on, but I'm not that smart. I was a little disappointed to miss the run back at school this morning, but this was a fun alternative.

Total(unless I get out later, which sounds inviting): 41

The low mileage weeks are fun, but I'm hoping to bump up the volume in the coming weeks. I'll be home intermittently for the next month, so a change of scenery and maybe some fun trails will bust me out of this funk. If there's anything I've learned, its that momentum is hard to get going, but also hard to stop.


  1. I like your new header photo. Is that Kal-Haven? I tried my tights out yesterday and they're awesome! I didn't know if I would be warm enough or not but they were great.

  2. I saw the pic of the tights- lookin' good!

    Yep, thats Jeremiah, Mark, and I on the Kal-Haven. Doo-Doo is the man behind the camera!

  3. I am in the same spot with the momentum thing. Its a strange beast for sure.
    It sounds like you have some lovely trails where you are!
    Heres to a lovely upcoming week :)