Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekly review 9/27-10/3

This may have been a bit overkill, but I wanted to resist the urges to run too much following Woodstock. I felt great less than 24 hours after the race, and even managed a leisurely bike ride the very next day. Monday was spent catching up on school and running cross country practice barefoot. Its crazy how great my legs feel when I run nice and easy barefoot. The shoes I wore for woodstock gave me stranges bruises on my feet. I can't really blame the shoes, for I took absolutely no time to adjust to them prior to racing 50 miles. With the bruises being the only pain I was experiencing, it was a bit frustrating not to strap on my fivefingers and enjoy the awesome weather.
The week was low mileage, but I did get a nice 9 miler in on wednesday. It was at much faster pace than I'm accustomed to running following an ultra. I decided not to overdo it and continue to train lacadaisically through the rest of the week. Sam came to visit and I spent some time with friends, attended some meetings, and relaxed a bit. I've been doing quite a bit of that lately, so its time to get back to the grind, both with school and running. Life's been pretty great lately, so I'll just keep on keepin' on.
The week ahead, with any luck, will be of high mileage and capped off with the Portage Invite 5k. A 5k the week before Grand Rapids will help me get used to high turnover that I'll need for a decent marathon experience. It may be a good performance for me, or possibly a disaster. We shall see. Im not even 100% sure I can run it because my cross country kids will be running the middle school event as well at the same venue.
Here's how the week unfolded for me. Don't act unimpressed by the dangerously high mileage.
2miles with cc team. Felt good to run barefoot and get my legs back.
PM 3miles with cc team- Did most of their long run with them, bouced around in the pack and kept an eye on the kids. Barefoot
PM 4miles at K College Arboretums with Abbey and Alex. Finished up in the dark
AM 4miles easy- enjoyed an awesome fall morning in the sun barefoot.
PM 2miles barefoot with cc team ran to the park for some hills and some "cc tag"
PM 9miles with Gazelle Wednesday night group. Didn't know, but hit some 6:4x miles in the middle and a 7:30ish average. I must be recovered.
4 miles at Al Sabo- Really enjoyable time spent in the woods alone. Ended up walking and taking it all in
3 miles with cross country kids- some intervals and some easy running.
AM 7miles with Shy, Abbey and Joe
Zero. Woke up for cc meet, then walked to football game aand stayed busy all day.
2 miles of running about for no reason. Decided to prep for a good week instead of running hard.
40 miles

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