Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekly recap 10/4-10/11

Sunday night-The final week before yet another taper. Is it wrong if I want to race less so I can run more? Im ready for more longer trail runs of the adventurous variety, but time on state land is fleeting with the upcoming hunting season. The marathon will be exciting, and I'm looking forwward to it. Its a little dissappointing that I wont be able to say that "I've never run a marathon" any more. Its always been funny to explain that all I have are marathon splits to predict a marathon time. 
Sunday night- The week went basically as planned, minus the lackluster finish. Saturday was a total bust. I planned on 13ish miles consisting of a 2-3mile warmup, a 5k race, then a shakeout of 5 or so immediately following. These plans were foiled by a case of insomnia that plagued me for the two nights prior.

AM- 10miles (1:20)
PM- 3miles with cc team.
PM- 6 with Alex at a decent clip, just trotting along through campus
PM- 6 with to the rec to meet Abbey and do some downtown running
PM- 3 with cc team. long run and a game.
PM- 11- 3.5 to Gazelle, 7.5 run with group
PM-2.5 with cc team- last day, some games and easy running
PM-6-  5 around campus and at IM feilds, then 1 with Heidi and Megan. barefoot.
AM-10miles- 1.5 to Abbey's, the full downtown loop, 1.5 back home- walked about .4miles of it. Felt
predictably crappy after not eating and getting up early after a late night.
PM- 3miles- did a 5mile mountain bike ride with Abbey and Alex, then 3 miles of trails to test out Alex's foot
2 miles that consisted of sprinting around frantically during the middle school xc meet. The kids did great and I enjoyed watching raw, uncorrupted talent in mortion. My own talent was corrupted by poor sleep, a week of doubles, and a shitty diet.
AM- 10miles- great trail run with Mark. Exactly what fall running is all about for me. The weather was perfect and we did a picturesque 10 miles on lake Michigan and adjacent trails. Kept a decent pace, but just enjoyed ourselves.
PM- 3miles- Nice run on campus with Sam. Did a few striders at the end to loosen the legs and felt good. Mark was kind enough to loan me his KSOs  for the marathon next weekend, so I did the run in those to make sure they worked out. They're identical to my lost pair, so they're good to go.
Total 75.5miles

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