Friday, September 3, 2010

Weekly review: a week late

Im working on the race report for the North Country Trail 50. A few pictures and a video to add, and it's complete. I forgot to post my mileage for the "taper week" that lead up to the race. I mostly just relaxed and stretched out my sketchy knee, but had some fun times in the trails as well. I explored some trails with Sam around her house. She's getting curious enough about trails to discover the joys of running in the woods. Using your legs to take you to the next scenic view or to see whats around the next corner are the best parts. My sister, Megan, is a solid runner who hardly ever runs. She does a spectacular job, but simply lacks the routine. Watching her power up hills and nimbly dance around rocks and roots makes me realize something: If she had my unhealthy obsession with running, she would clearly be the athlete of the family. She's much more sutbborn than I am, a good trait with running as long as you know when to fold 'em. I also ran a bit the night before the race with Alex. Probably not the best thing to do, but I simply had to stretch the legs and run some of tomorrow's trails in the Manistee National Forest. The week unfolded as such: The race report will probably be posted later.

35 mile bike ride to Whitehall and back
4.5 miles easy with Sam(50:00)
3 miles easy(30:00)
3.5 mile easy with Megan (45:00)
6miles on GVSU campus with Sam(1:00:00)
4 mile shake-out with Alex(30:00)
21 miles (3:35:00)

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