Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekly review- 9/5-9/12

This week was pretty good to me with regard to running and life in general. I found some employment, enjoyed the company of my roommates, and got slowly got back into the swing of full time classes. Great weather, good times with friends. My first week not seeing Samantha was a little rough, but Saturday's never more than 5 days away. I didn't quite get the mileage I wanted, but the quality was better than usual in terms of workouts. It was intended to be a "transition week" between recovering and one last hard week before Woodstock. It may end up being the harder week as school, an new internship, and a coaching cross-country hill have to jump up on my priority list.
One thing that has been brought to my attention is the perceptions of others. Clearly, running is a huge part of my life. I run a bit, spend a substantial amount of time socializing with runners, relate a great deal of my exercise science classwork to running, and now have to jobs that involve running. I also spend a bit of time writing about it on this blog, which is more or less just a purge valve for leftover thoughts. I've been told that being wrapped up in running has taken control of my life. My love of running is often seen as unhealthy. I think this is a negative and superficial way to look it. It all comes down to priority. What many people think are reasonable views do not necessarily overlap with what others value. Maybe really I am running away from something, but it hasn't run me down yet.
AM- 11 miles at Owassippe(1:40)
PM- 4 miles on campus(0:32)
PM- 10 miles to Klienstock(1:20)
AM- 4 miles aboretum loop(0:29)
PM- 6 miles with Gazelle group(0:43)
PM-5 miles barefoot to-from IM fields 5 minute tempo ish intervals, some rest periods(1:00)
AM- 10 miles with Alex. 3mile hard tempo, nearly blacked out. suprisingly quick recovery after regaining full consciousness.(1:20)
PM- 11 mile midnight run with Jeremiah at Yankee Springs. Too weak to do 11 more, the original plan(2:00).
Nada y mas nada.  slept in, enjoyed watching a soccer game in the rain with my mom, and celebrated Ryan's birthday with a campfire and some spirits.
AM-16 miles (2:30) Adventure run on the North Country Trail with Mark, Rick, and Ken(accompanied by Shadow, a black lab). Great run on a beautiful trail. Im always amazed my Autumn here. Serene and breathtaking. Learned new acronym: OGP-Old Guy Pace.
PM-14 miles (1:40) Started out with 4miles barefoot with Sara and Colin. Nice loop around our house. For claiming not to be good runners, they sure could have fooled me. We dropped Sara off at the house, and Colin and I headed out of town for farm country. Colin did another 3 with me, then turned around for a solid 9 for the day. Company on a sunday run was a welcome suprise. I was immediately met by solitude and hills. A good combination for this mess of a runner I've found myself to be.
91 miles
13ish hours?


  1. running is not only my hobby, it is my social life and a way of life. the distinction must be made at some point on whether you are a runner, or a person who runs. if you are a runner, and running is taken from you by injury, accident or circumstance - what are you?
    however,if you are a person who runs, and running is removed, you are still a person. doesn't mean you don't miss it, but i have learned to define myself as more than this passion i have for motion. if you don't, it can be a dangerous place, for you and your loved ones.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly, Shel. Well put. I wouldn't necessarily consider myself a "runner" in the way that it is commonly defined. I think Im just a person who is dissatisfied with a sedentary life. I don't really run for the competition, but just to get out enjoy moving. Your words certainly put things into perspective. Thanks.

  3. I thought you were a hobby jogger? :)

    I think you either get it or you don't. Running for me has brought me with like-minded people and given me enjoyment. I like a good challenge and one that I find the most enjoyable is running. Although, I must say you and the others have really spoiled me and made me much more of a social runner!

  4. Wow, just over 11 hours of running... I have friends that play video games over 20 hours a week. They like the games, and the social aspect. You just happen to pick something that has healthy benefits.

    Like you said, its priorities. You could sit on your butt all day and eat Jack's pizza, but instead you run....and then eat Jack's pizza.

    Again, like Shelly said, you either get it or you don't. Unless you have ran for 2 hours straight before, you don't understand how someone could possibly do that. It doesn't make sense to you because its so foreign.

    If its not hurting anything, whats it hurting?