Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekly review 9/19-9/26

I don't have a ton of time at the moment-lots of catching up on things to do after the weekend. It had its ups and downs, but this week was about as intense as my life has been in a long time. School has been busy, as have the extracirricular activites. Several meetings for student organizations, coaching cross country, and doing some extra work in the research lab cut into my running time, but it turned out to be for the best in terms of tapering. I enjoy every one of these activities, so I guess it's win/win no matter how you look at it.
I enjoyed another week living at school, getting more and more comfortable with the grind of classes and tentative career building. I've had some laughs with my housemates, who are all great people and lots of fun to be around(maybe too much fun?).

One downside to the week was a scare that I recently had with one of my best friends, one I've known since the age of 4. He suffered a heart attack and spent the weekend in ICU getting blood tranfusions. He is stable and is expected to make a full recovery, but not without scaring the hell out of his family and friends. This was a tremendous scare for me. As I seem to coast through life, I often fail to realize just how precious it is and how we need to truly appreciate every day. I often say that I do, but after a horrible event such as this, air and water just taste that much sweeter. I guess I should thank him for the wakeup call.

Since this blog is typically centered around my obsession with running, I guess it's my duty to inform that I've finally earned my first win in a race of any distance. The North Country race may have been a fluke created by circumstance, but this race was a legitimate W for the resume. I ran the Woodstock 50 miler in Pinckney, MI, crewed by Jason and Shelly Robillard, Mark Robillard, and my girlfriend Samantha. It was an exremely well-organized event and I was able to pull off a decent performance. I set a 57 minute PR from 3 weeks ago and learned a great deal about how to run 50 miles with some degree of proficiency. My official time was 7:03:22. I thought that maybe the course was drastically easier than my last 50, but the second place time was 8:14:xx, an equally solid time for a 50miler. I somehow managed to negative split each of the 3 16.6mile loops and keep moving on the uphills. I need to edit this, Im sounding like a pretentious ass clown. There were a couple road sections that connected 2 trail systems together, so that allowed for some easy running. A few times, I looked down at my Garmin to see that I was running at a sub-7 pace frequently on these road sections. Someone get me some benadryl for my epically swollen head. I feel like a douche, but I'm really excited about how this race turned out.

I'll have a race report, complete with Mark and Shelly's pictures, up as soon as I can. I'll be honest, I don't really remember much of the race. All I know is that Im excited to do more adventure type runs in the off season and I don't really want to eat any GU for a little while(I drained a 24pack in 7hours). I just hope my crew knows how much I apreciate everything they did.

The week ended with a really enjoyable, quiet ride back to the West side of the state with Samantha, and a great bike ride with my family near Lake Michigan. We ate together at a local resteraunt, and were pleasantly suprised by an awesome band having a sunday afternoon jam while we ate. A great cap to a life-affirming weekend. I must be doing something right(but not even close to everything).

Heres the breakdown for the week(note: cross country team=middle schoolers I coach- running/walking is just to monitor workouts/lead drills)
1 mile with cross country team
2ish miles with cross country team
2ishmiles with cross country team
9 miles with Gazelle group
5miles with Alex, Abbey and Shy- nice shakeout on campus
Woodstock 50miler- 7:03:22
No running, but I did manage a couple hour bike ride with family.


  1. " I need to edit this, Im sounding like a pretentious ass clown".

    Awesome, haha. Good work man!

  2. If I don't see you finish it doesn't count! Guess you're going to have to keep running! :-P